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  1. longhalkilo

    Motor and Spliter

    Well I did it this time,I screwed up my DG-280 motor.According to the manual on page 5 under "Hardware Reset by DiSEqE Motor". I disconnected the RG6 ,then press and hold both EAST/WEST buttons for 5 seconds and then reconnect RG6.The motor is still working properly ,but the LNB will show S but...
  2. longhalkilo

    About the List vs LyngSat

    I'm about to install Tp info into my receiver to point my 90cm motorized dish for the sat. belt. I noticed that there is a difference in some of the frequencies and symbol rates by a few numbers. Ex: 74W The list is 11733H and Lyngsat is 11734H for Ohio News Now. And for 79W the list is 12178H...
  3. longhalkilo


    If you go to the under PRODUCTS you'll find the item DS-12 Polar Mount for a 1.2m offset dish. The specs. for this item are 110 degrees (70E+40W or 40E+70W) and 20-80 degrees Elevation Angle. It looks like this unit can be controlled by a satellite positioner (V3000 G Box or V-Box ll...
  4. longhalkilo

    1.2m Dish

    I recently picked up a 1.2m dish that was on my brother-in-law's Pub. He told me that about 6 years ago he had it for XM Radio. The dish looks like a Channel Master but has no name on it. The LNB looks like a very well made unit fron Japan. It's made by Norsat and is a 7000A series model no...