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  1. vern

    4 foot ground rod dish approved ???

    i was on a retail sight. they sold a copper 4 foot ground rod. says approved for direct t.v. and dish network. whats the deal guys...right or wrong ???
  2. vern

    POLL:what sat.meter used and why ?

    Im wondering which satellite meters you techs are using and why you like em. Loved mu birdog when i was with direct t.v. but it doesn't work so well powering a dish pro plus...:confused:
  3. vern

    i need a good sat meter for installs ?

    is there a good sat finder that will power the dish pro plus and 1000.2 dish and lnb.. my birdog doesn't provide enough power without having a receiver also hooked up for additional power....thanks in advance for your help
  4. vern

    radio remote for t.v.1..???

    is there any way to be able to hide the receiver and still be able to use your remote without the need for line of sight ??
  5. vern

    cant get 129 on check switch ?? help

    im a new tech with a very small outfit. installed hi def dvr using bird dog and shows good signal on 110, 119, and 129 but wont show 129 on the check switch. tried two receivers, two lnb,s , and two different separators. bird dog even shows 129 inside home just before going into receiver. i even...