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    What happened to NBC feeds

    Hi, Does anyone know what happened to the NBC Feeds that were broadcasting on W-4? I went to that satellite Wednesday evening using my FTA receiver and the screen was blank. Thank you, rjl75
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    Receiving TV stations from two cities

    Hi, Right now I can get TV from two cities one is 140 miles away and the other is 70 miles. This is good when regular programing is preempted by local news, or a religious preacher. In February 2009 do you think I will still have this option available? rjl75
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    Return the sats to setup list on 4dtv

    I have the 4dtv 920 and would like to bring back the satellites deleted from the programing screen for the satellite setup. I had deleted them at one time when they were programed in not knowing it would also remove them from the master list. rjl75
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    Illuminati Tuner add on kit

    Hi, There is a add on kit advertised on E bay for the Pansat 9200HD called an Illuminati Tuner. What features does this add to the 9200 HD rjl75?
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    Sonicview 8000

    Hi, I just ordered my Sonicview 8000 from GoSatellite, they gave it their highest rating for the HD receivers. I have a couple questions about it while I wait for it to arrive. I will be moving between satellites using my 4dtv receiver do you see any problem with this? How is the...
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    Error 002 Lost Signal

    Hi, I have this problem, I get the 002 "Lost Signal" every day and then at night the channel is works fine. This only happens on some channels, but the same channels, and it has been going on for a long time. I've had the "Family Pack" and didn't care if 203, and 205 didn't come in during...
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    Maybe getting a 410

    Hi, I'm sorry to cut in on your thread, but I just signed on to this form, and I can not find where to go to post my questions about the skyvision DSR-410? rjl75