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    Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16?

    Transponder 16 is all I see also. I think they are using a spot beam so we can't see other areas.
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    Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16?

    Yes I set mine up myself but It's not installed yet, I have it bolted to spare wheel for testing. I need to paint it match my red brick house and I wanted to make sure it was still working correctly after I painted it. All my signal levels are low after spending a fair amount of time fine...
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    Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16?

    Thanks Bill, I brought the H20 back in from outside and hooked it up to the projector and I did have HD locals on the 130". The locals non HD start with AT2, AT4 ect. I learned alot today, no matter how much I mess with this stuff I still do stupid stuff like setting the elevation to 56...
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    Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16?

    It was me, I was looking at the off air channels like 2.1, 11.1etc. The HD locals don't have .1s.
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    Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16?

    No HD locals. Only one transponder.
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    Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16?

    Are Atlanta Locals on 103 transponder 16? I have 80% signal on 16 but when I tune to a local HD it says searching for signal. 16 is the only transponder I am getting.
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    DirecPC dish

    Check I covered briefly how I adapted mine.
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    The Best Laptop Computer Brand

    Compaq Rocks I have used Compaq's for years with excellent results. First a 1610 then an 1800 that I still use. Stay away from Dell even though they are cheap. I hear good things about IBM's from coworkers. If you are looking for a deal on anything tech, check and...
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    4DTV with a 90 cm ku dish

    I was not able to recieve anything with my 4DTV unit hooked to my 89cm dish. I still dont have my BUD yet so if anyone finds out anything different let me know.
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    Anyone here watching Tech TV on FTA?

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    General Instrument 4DTV Receiver

    With 4 hours left its only $170. with the dish, if I was closer I would.
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    General Instrument 4DTV Receiver

    I found my 922 used on EBAY for $250. Keep in mind that you have to have a C-band dish to utilize this. Or if you like new stuff.... Below is from Special Offers BEST PRICE EVER on 4DTV Digital Receiver! NPS and Showtime have joined to offer the best...
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    Ka band, how do you receive and what up there?

    I think it is used for data only.
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    DSR-410 to Receive Digicipher In the Clear Channels

    " HITS2Home is the delivery and support of digital programming using a cable/satellite overlay service. HITS2Home allows small cable systems to launch digital video without lengthy and expensive plant re-builds, adding digital headend equipment, or using valuable plant bandwidth." Hits can...
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    Motorized Automatic Mobile Ku Dish

    Ken I think I am starting to follow what you are going to do. I found the patriot auto dish because I was looking for a way to watch FTA from my RV but as gunn55 said I think they are real expensive. On to plan B build a portable mount for my DirecPC dish. I used a 5 foot 4x6 with boards...
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    Motorized Automatic Mobile Ku Dish

    Can you draw a picture of what your proposing?
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    Motorized Automatic Mobile Ku Dish
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    Ku dish?

    Hey Tux is the car with the dent (roof smashed in) your's? :shocked
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    2500a problems

    You have to jump the door switch and leave the door open. :D I was just joking don't try this at home kids!
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    newbie to fta, was just offered a 10' dish, lots of questions

    On planting the dish I found this site by doing a Google search, looks informative.