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    DIRECTV NOW Launching in November!

    I had been following DirecTV Now on other forums, but I just ran across this. Anyway, my questions are: -Will this work away from a subscribers home network? -Will there likely be special software to download on a computer or is is possible that it will simply be a website that you log into?
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    ATSC Tuners With HDMI Ports

    I have a few of the legacy converter boxes. Specifically, several of the Zenith DTT901s and a couple of the DISH Network DTV Pals. Anyway, I am staring to look around for what new boxes are available that include an HDMI port. What are some of my better choices? I know when the earlier...
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    RCA 8? Mobile TV Tablet

    I just thought that I would post an update to this because I did buy an RCA Model DMT580DU for one of my wife's presents on Christmas 2013. I thought about buying from Radio Shack, but I found a better price online. When she opened this on Christmas Eve, I think she was somewhat surprised...
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    Channel Master and Echostar working on new OTA DVR

    Channel Master's DVR+ Offers True Subscription-Free Over-The-Air TV Recording
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    RCA 8? Mobile TV Tablet I am thinking of buying one of these, but I want to read some reviews first. Is anybody here considering one of these?
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    RCA 8? Mobile TV Tablet I am thinking of buying one of these, but I want to read some reviews first. Is anybody here considering one of these?
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    CAT B15 unboxing (Video)

    CAT B15 They now also a T-Mobile version available.
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    Using Dish Model VIP722K in two locations

    Would SlingBox be an option?
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    Android Specifications For SlingBox With DISH Network 722k

    Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, that is a good reminder about the home internet. I have DSL because I can't get cable where I live, so that very well might be the biggest limiting factor of all! Most of the time it is pretty good. Sometimes I listen to TV audio on my drive to work...
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    Android Specifications For SlingBox With DISH Network 722k

    I have both a Sling Adapter and a Sling PRO-HD connected to my DISH Network 722k receiver. Sling works okay on my Garminfone, but it can be slow on start up and slow to respond. My phone currently is a Garminfone, which is on T-Mobile, and is only capable of 3G. I am considering a new...
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    DISH Network Sling Adapter Vs. SlingBox PRO-HD

    I am just wondering if anybody here has BOTH the DISH Network Sling Adapter and SlingBox PRO-HD, do both of them work equally well or does one work better than the other?
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    DISH 722k Has To Be Power Cycled Every Morning

    My previous DISH 722k had to be power cycled every morning. A couple weeks ago I got a replacement and this one behaves the same. I called DISH Technical Support and they didn't offer anything that was helpful. Does anybody here have any helpful suggestions? Should I call again and ask to...
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    Portable DTVs

    Does anybody make a decent portable DTV currently? Maybe something along the lines of a 5 inch or 7 inch? I have seen a few here and there, but I have been sort of underwhelmed by what I have seen.
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    Looking For A 802.11n Wifi Router Or Wireless Access Point

    I am looking to improve my wifi "footprint" around my home. I already have an 802.11g modem/router from my internet service provider, but I am thinking that since I want to improve coverage around the farm, I might just as well get an 802.11g, preferably one with a removable antenna and...
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    DISH Sling Adapter Vs. Slingbox Performance

    DISH Sling Adapter Vs. Slingbox Performanec I returned my Slingbox Solo earlier today and bought the Slingbox PRO HD. Hopefully I will get it connected tomorrow. Thanks for the replies.
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    Sling with my droid not working at all...

    Sling Player Mobile I also bought a Sling Adapter a while after they first became available. I have noticed that it can have issues, but I still like having it with my DISH 722k. One of my issues if I use it very much is I only have 2 GB of data through T-Mobile. It doesn't take long with...
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    Can I Stream Just The Audio From My DISH Network 722k?

    I have a DISH 722k now and a Sling Adapter. I like to stream to my Android phone, but I usually use all of my data plan allocation before the end of the billing cycle and I get my data speed throttled. Anyway, is there some way to stream just the audio from my DISH 722k receiver?
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    DISH Sling Adapter Vs. Slingbox Performance

    I have had my DISH Sling Adapter for a year or so now, but I have never used the regular Slingboxes. I m just wondering if the perform about the same? For example, my DISH Sling Adapter can have some buffering from time to time, which I attribute to my slow network(s). Anyway, for those that...
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    Newer WebSlingPlayer links - including chome (!) - web sling player -

    I will give this a try, too. My issue is that the shared computer I want to try this on doesn't have the most current Adobe Flash Player and since I can't install it on a computer that isn't mine, I need to be able to do this via USB Flash Drive.
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    New DISH Products At CES 2012

    With CES 2012 being less than a month away. what new DISH or other products would you like to see announced at CES 2012?