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  1. walker

    You can Get OTA for HR20 tonight!!!

    yes, i've already subscribed to the thread and will now just wait. i can't wait to play with my new toy. any suggestions from anyone on some of the first things i should do since i just got it installed, literally, an hour ago? i've had/have every model of d* receiver made, i think, so i'm...
  2. walker

    You can Get OTA for HR20 tonight!!!

    i just saw there may be another chance tonight. i'm very excited. i really hope this works out!!!
  3. walker

    You can Get OTA for HR20 tonight!!!

    i just got my hr20-700 installed and need this update also. if anyone else knows any info on it, please let me know.
  4. walker

    CW Network

    i get the cw network, but only b/c the bought out the wb or one of those type local stations. d* does offer it, if you are in an area where it is one of your local stations. its no different than any of the other locals.
  5. walker

    ESPN Gameplan question

    i could be way off here, but i don't think espn is under any obligation to unblock it b/c the local is showing it or if they even could if they wanted to. i would say that espn's contract with the ncaa expressly prohibits them from allowing to be viewed in the blackout area no matter the...
  6. walker

    About ESPN College Gameday??

    i'm not sure what it is for one day, but i have gameplan and to get a game that is blacked out in our area (the one you usually want to watch) is $29. the prices are on
  7. walker

    Favorite Remote Control

    if you know the channel you want, they both work great, but i'm talking about tivo's recognition and grouping functions. i think they are more user friendly and specific than the directv interface. edit - i'm sorry. not sure what my comments have to do with the differences in remote. i'm...
  8. walker

    Any upgrade deals from D* now?

    i was offered this upgrade a few months ago. i believe my price would be $130, but that would be completely refunded, so free. i was still placed on the list and promised that "whenever" i was ready, i would have one waiting. we had just gotten the hd/dvr tivo upgrade a couple of months before...
  9. walker

    Favorite Remote Control

    i prefer the directv remote and guide over tivo. the only thing i like better about tivo is the ease of finding/recording programs.
  10. walker

    D* Retention - valid phone number?!?

    i've gotten UNBELIEVABLE results with the rentention #
  11. walker

    Turn off TNT-HD or Universal-HD for NLF-ST HD?

    i couldn't agree more. what's up with that?? i know someone here knows d* service agreement well enough to answer this question off of the top of their head. does is provide D* with absolute discretion at any time to make certain channels in the package you PAY for unavailable?? if not...
  12. walker

    HR20 - Release in August (LA to be the first)

    i spoke to retention last night and was showered with gifts w/o even asking. i had called to ask about a football game and ended up getting paid $100 over the next 6 months by d* to take superfan, gameplan, and be on the "vip" list to receive the new receiver on the 1st shipment to my area for...
  13. walker

    Is this the new hd dvr

    i was told last night by retention that the new models were released in a limited, trial # on august 16 and there has been a "rush" placed on the broader release. this should happen in the next "few months." i actually have only great things to report from my calls to the retention #. a...
  14. walker

    Horror Story with local installer

    thanks for your help.
  15. walker

    HDMI connection

    i caved and bought a monster cable myself.
  16. walker

    Horror Story with local installer

    the same thing happened to me with the phone call to D*, the hang-up, wanting to schedule another install, etc. i'm starting to get really frustrated and i'm getting the feeling that somehow we are all going to get screwed in the end.
  17. walker

    about upgrading NOW to an HD-DVR

    i have the same questions and concerns. i'm truly lost on this subject. i have a feeling we are going to get screwed in some manner by D*
  18. walker

    OTA Connection to Triple LNB

    i haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but i've definitely decided i'm taking this indoor, weird looking antenna back. prior to getting your advice, i've tried every possible orientation and direction humanly possilbe and i was still getting terrible reception. knowing my setup...
  19. walker

    HDMI connection

    i don't really feel like i'm getting THAT much of a better picture w/hdmi cable. i can tell a small improvement w/sports, but my picture was already great in that area anyway. i definitely don't feel like i got a picture to equal the price of the cable. those things are really ridiculous.
  20. walker

    Horror Story with local installer

    thanks for trying to help guys. i have an H10 receiver w/ a 3 LNB. no, he didn't install the antenna for the local channels. this is the problem. i don't like this indoor antenna at all and i'm going to take it back asap. you guys know a lot more than me. what are my options here?