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    New Guide Info?

    Am I going mad or is there all of a sudden a way to see if a show is a repeat? it shows the original air date now.
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    Playback breakup on 622

    Every so often, no pattern, the picture will break up and stall like a dirty dvd does. Is this a recording of the signal breaking up or could i have bad sectors on my hard disks? Also, when recording on say output 2, is it possible to just hit a switch button and see that output? much like my...
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    HD Aspect Ratio

    I cant find a setting but it seems on every hd channel the 622 selects 'stretch' when there is no need, its pulling the aspect out wrongly - any ideas?
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    Help vip622 no longer works

    Left last week for vacation and the system worked; got back today and nothing; system is sat at aquiring signal. I have messed with cabling, performed a ton of check switch's to no avail. Dish first wanted to charge me $99 for a service call because I wasnt in warranty! I am in day 31 sadly...
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    Cooling off period?

    Is there a cooling off period (say 30 days) in which you can cancel dish and get your money back (the 199 upgrade)?
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    What is the difference? 500 vs 500+

    Why would I have two 500's if the new units are 500+ ? or are they the same?
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    Got installed today!

    Thanks for the info provided by members of these forums! I have a couple more questions. 1. The installer said he had to use two 500 dishes - is this normal? 2. I ordered a second dvr for upstairs (a hd dvr for downstairs) but the installer said his order only listed one receiver for two...
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    About to order dish

    but I know very little about the system. I have one regular TV and one HD TV; I would like PVR functions for both. I have no land line phone so I suspect I get charged a fee? do all the HD packages (bronze, silver etc) have the same number of HD channels? Thank you in advance!