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    Boing on RushHD

    This show was so boring. They spent the first half hour just watching these guys get the bungee ready and tie everything down. How is that interesting?
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    Can't The Morons at Voom do Anything right?

    Damn them! They got me too. They charged me on 7/6/04 and that was correct. Then they charged me $81.08 ($25 more than it should be) on 7/19/04. Bastards!
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    HBO-HD East: Six Feet Under: Season Finale : Untitled 9pm EST

    I disagree, Sean. I thought last night's episode was pretty thrilling. This is still one of the Top 3 shows on television. Last night's was a little different but it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. In other shows you know there's no chance that the main character would be...
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    What are the Top 10 most frequent questions?

    Has anyone asked if it's possible to extend the time we have to enter in the channel number. If I want to hit DiscoveryHD I might hit 6-0- and then before I can fumble for the 1 it takes me to 61 UPN OTA. I wish this thing gave a little more time for me to find the numbers. Is this possible?
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    Is IFC Free?

    OK, I guess I'm not sticking it to Voom then. Maybe I was having trouble when I tuned in before I got HBO. Thanks.
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    Is IFC Free?

    I didn't get IFC when I first signed up with Voom. Then I got HBO last week and IFC showed up as well. Was something wrong before (like maybe I was always supposed to get it) or is this something that comes with HBO?
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    WorldSport Future Programming

    Italian Serie A is over just like La Liga. I'd love to see it next year though. They'd have to fork over some $$$ though. Fox Sports World has Argentina rights and shos those games every Sunday.
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    Voom in Phoenix

    people all over the country ran into this. Apparently it had something to do with Voom's uplink to the satellite getting blocked by a big storm (wherever they are). I missed the last 5 minutes of Croatia-France because of it!
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    Those games will be on FSW live and on replay on those days. No blackouts. They've already shown some, with their crappy satellite signal. But, it's better than nothing. All games after first round will be PPV only. Only 5 games in the first round will even be broadcast by FSW. I'll be...
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    Integrate my two cable things?

    Funny, I was just thinking the same thing today. I'd like to know the answer as well. I have Cox also.
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    Clearly it is, or ESPN/Univision/Telemundo/Fox Sports World would have bought the rights. If they could make a good buck on it, they would have done it, believe me. The other problem, you have to remember, is this tournament is being shown live in the middle of the work day...kind of kills the...
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    JBonds84--it's being broadcast for free in Latin America and Europe because 20-60% of those populations will be watching the games. They can make big money from advertisers so they can buy the rights and offer it to the viewers for free. How do you figure it's the satellite providers trying...
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    Am I Gay?

    Huh? This show is one of the best on TV. Period. Don't count on it going away anytime soon.
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    astrossuperfan--you don't expect to get every MLB game on the channels that you already pay for, right? If you want that you fork over the money for the MLB Extra Innings package. If I'm an Astros fan here in Phoenix there's not enough people wanting to watch the Astros here and thus no...
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    Looks like I fixed my Voom woes.....

    I'm on 5.68 now, but just got upgraded last night and haven't checked since then. I'll go check now. The tech. said it like it was that way for every install he's done. Maybe all of his recievers have had the old software like mine and he doesn't know any better.
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    Did you guys really expect to get Euro 2004 on WorldSport? There's no way they could afford that. That's like expecting them to get the rights to the World Series. Come on, fellas. Setanta Sport carries the Euro 2004, and if you could get PPV then you can get the tournament for $176...
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    Looks like I fixed my Voom woes.....

    Lots of people here are getting signal strength in the 90s. My installer got a signal in the 90s at the dish and said we'd get the mid-50s at the receiver, and that that's as good as a 98 signal on a Dish or DirecTV. Now, I'm in AZ so maybe that's why I get it in the mid-50s. Have you...
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    Land Line woes

    My installer didn't plug in a line since I didn't have a jack near the TV. He said I should get a wireless phone jack solution that plugs into a power outlet and provides a phone dialtone from another nearby phone jack. That's probably what she was talking about. Still, you would need the...
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    First Impressions of Voom

    OK, I got the new firmware last night and it did seem to go much faster now. Don't know about other issues I was having (like screen blackout) as I didn't have time to play with it. Thanks for your help on this guys.
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    Voom in Phoenix

    I can tell you that Synergy doesn't have their stuff together in my experience. Their tech. was good (but slow) when he came out but their back-office staff messed up my install time several times. As far as the pixellation, I haven't noticed that any more than I got it on Cox Digital Cable...