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    The switch was flipped exactly at 3:00 AM EST

    I was curious to see what the shutdown would look like – and was totally surprised not to see any crawls or even a simply broadcast announcement screen today. At 2:59 one of the Voom side shows finished up and at 3:00 AM – the screen simply went black and the satellite icon flashed red. Ok -...
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    Updated program guide - graphics / UI ??

    Comcast is advertising a new and improved program guide - I'm using a S.A. - 3250HD - will my receiver be able to pick the new guide up ? Can a force a download or must I replace the box ? One of the worst things about coming to Comcast has been the really bad 8bit PG - yuk ! thanks
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    Voomer moved to Comcast – initial thoughts

    Unfortunately due to some very high trees, neither DISH nor DirecTV are available to me and as luck would have it Voom or Sky Angel are my only satellite options. I’ve therefore had to sign-up for Comcast silver plan with HD … my thoughts thus far: - In New England expect to pay between 85-90...
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    Iridium Satellite Phone ?

    I’m going on location in the Galapagos Islands shooting a documentary (using cine Alta HDCAM) next month and after some careful research I decided on Iridium to stay in touch with home. I looked the nearest competitor, Globalstar but they simply do not have the reach of Iridium. I also liked...
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    811 & new subscriber question

    I'm a current Voomer and would like to add an 811 receiver for HDNET and to try out DISH HD. To be eligible for the new member free 811 receiver offer ($49.95 service charge) do I need to subscribe to any of the core packages such as AT120 – or can I just subscribe to the 9.95 HD package...
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    National network feeds ?

    Despite the mounting of a Winegard HD7082, careful alignment to the towers, a top of the line Winegard UHF amplifier and overall finger crossing I am receiving only 1 OTA DTV signal (an ABC affiliate – 3 miles away) It appears that a combination of my elevation and the low power of the CBS and...
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    Voom sub $400 mark - when ?

    I’m curious if anyone knows when the $399.00 offer will be extended to those who live outside of the 10 states. I really can’t see spending $800 dollars on a non-PVR system, especially one that seems to have so many problems with it. I would even do a 12 month subscription (like I did with...