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  1. tvrobert

    HR20 With No HD???

    Thanks for your insight, knowledge, and general response. I have had a Mediacom-flavored Motorola 6412 in the past. That thing had more bugs than a bait store. We've since moved into the country, and satellite is the only TV option (I can hardly get off-air now thanks to a sizeable ridge between...
  2. tvrobert

    HR20 With No HD???

    It wasn't until the third one the problem was figured out. By then the tech was going to be late for his next gig. So the first and third HR20 worked fine... the first in theory, of course. The techs get to wait too, while the thing boots, downloads, gets software, reboots, gets guide data...
  3. tvrobert

    HR20 With No HD???

    Junk! I'm not impressed with D*'s HR20. Today a tech swapped the HR20 I got last week with a new one... twice. The first replacement didn't even boot. And the problem? A bad b-band converter. Why the hell would one bad converter on a dual-tuner box cause them both to not work? I may be too...
  4. tvrobert

    HR20 With No HD???

    Yes I did. I've done a dozen resets and gotten "hits" from the CSR and the HD channels dissapear off the guide, or when they return, there's a number of other errors when tuning to them "not available in area, not purchased, etc.." I'm about to kick the thing back to the satellite and have...
  5. tvrobert

    HR20 With No HD???

    Thanks. Yea, I got the 5 lnb dish already. And the other H20(?? not the DVR) HD receiver gets strong signals on all of 103(b)'s transponders. The CSR said it was a problem with the impending roll-out of new HD channels. But it makes no sense, hence the dude coming out to fiddle with it on...
  6. tvrobert

    HR20 With No HD???

    So I got an HR20 yesterday, hooked it all up, called to activate, etc... None of the HD channels (except HD locals) show up. It says "not purchased." Yet I have a straight HD box where all is well. 103(b) shows no signal in the HR20, yet on the standard HD box, transponders are all in the...
  7. tvrobert

    Calling OTA Experts!

    That's a great site. Very helpful to the situation. I can't wait to test it on the new place. Thanks again.
  8. tvrobert

    Calling OTA Experts!

    I tried that already and didn't like the answer. :) Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to hear from installers with experience getting OTA signals in "difficult" areas. I'm hoping to shoot the antenna up a ravine, but there are trees in the way. I may be screwed unless I spring for an...
  9. tvrobert

    Calling OTA Experts!

    My other half and I are looking to buy a hobby farm. Great location, except that it's near the bottom of a short bluff and ravine system that lies between us and the 45-degreee direction needed to aim the VHF for OTA. We're about 55 miles southwest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area...
  10. tvrobert

    Why do people bash Voom? It's great.

    Do they still have that channel that's just a camera turned on a fish tank? I thought that was kind of a waste. I recall the redundancy, but it was still fun. I miss Voom. Switched away from it about 2 months before it flipped to Dish.
  11. tvrobert

    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Le Sueur, MN U.S.A.
  12. tvrobert


    In Le Sueur, Mediacom has the following HD (via 6412): TPTHD 5-ABC 11-NBC ESPNHD ESPN2HD UHD DiscoveryHD HDnet HDnet Movies HBO Starz Shotime TMC Not great, but I can pick the rest of the HD locals OTA. The best part is the 5mbs internet. Not bad for a pissant town of about...
  13. tvrobert

    ENTER HERE: Win a C Band Dish & LNB from SatelliteAV!(Contest Over)

    My wife is a huge tech geek and software engineer by trade. Here's how the conversation would go: Me: Hey sweet pea, I gotta chance to win an eight-foot diameter c-band sat dish. Wife: Sweeeeeet! Let's put it out back next to the chlothesline. Me: Perfect, but we have to win the thing first...
  14. tvrobert

    Swanni's 10 HDTV Predictions for 2007

    "Swanni" is proof that any smug, self-important bastard can make himself an "internet authority" with the right marketing. I predict that all predictions regarding HDTV are proposed pending market-driven reality.... ...and the FCC's silly rules, of course.
  15. tvrobert

    6412 Demand?

    I strolled into the local Mediacom office to get a second 6412 for my home and was told they only allow one 6412 per household. Wahh? I asked why and the lady said it was because of demand--that a lot of companies use them, and that there's a waiting list for them, and that they're really...
  16. tvrobert

    The TITANIUM™ Package

    As soon as they can guarantee no rain-fade, it might just be worth it! :cool:
  17. tvrobert

    SatelliteGuys 1000th Day Giveaway

    I'm in.
  18. tvrobert

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    2.07 in the valley of the jolly green giant (Le Sueur, MN ~45 miles SW of the Twin Cities). My car takes E85 as well. That's going for 1.67. I rarely put it in, though. The gas milage drops by 5mpg and performance suffers.
  19. tvrobert

    'Futurama' May Have a Future

    No it was this guy from the "Mars University" episode. And I was mistaken, it was season 2. I need to do my homework before I start complaining.
  20. tvrobert

    'Futurama' May Have a Future

    You may be right. I just remember that episode really turned me off. Knee-Jerk reaction to be sure, but there's no accounting for sane psycology when attempting to figure out why people stop watching particular shows.