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  1. C1787GJ


    Hello! I recently picked up one of these radio's and a KV-K1018 installation kit. Does anyone know the plug size of the Antenna Out jack. It is slightly smaller than 3/32" and I have never encountered this. If anyone knows please let me know, Thank you!!!
  2. C1787GJ

    Problem with _____ ???

    Ok here is my setup. I have a dish for 61.5 and a separate dish for 110+119. 2 lines from 110+119 dish and 1 line from 61.5 go to a DP34. 4 Outputs of DP34 go to 2 dual tuner receivers that all work fine. Added an additional DP34 switch off the 1st DP34. have 3 wires going from 1st one to...
  3. C1787GJ

    DTV TR-40 No Longer receives any signal

    I have a DTV TR-40 and it stopped working recently. I have 2 other boxes that work fine connected to the same equipment with strong signals. Anyone have any other suggestions? The warranty is only 90 days and I am passed that. In the trash it goes if I can't get it to work, anyone need a...
  4. C1787GJ

    Finally got HD!! :)

    soo after having SD for quite sometime, I finally jumped on the HD wagon. I got a 722 to replace my 522. Had Dish out to install the second dish at 61.5. Life is pretty good. Only 20 bucks more, well worth it for me. So now I can post in here too :D
  5. C1787GJ

    Question about HD Channels?

    I tried searching on here and online but am confused. At work we have a 622 receiver and a Dish that sees the 110/119 Satellites. I am in the Boston Market. What HD channels should we be able to receive without pointing a separate Dish at 61.5 where I believe some HD is on for this market...
  6. C1787GJ

    International Channels - Australia Available?

    I looked on Dish's website, didn't see it. I searched and don't see anything recent about it. Does anyone know if there are any services or options for viewing Australian Channels in the US either through Dish, or some other company/equipment? Thanks in advance :)
  7. C1787GJ

    What states ban adult channels from being broadcast?

    I have tried searching, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some direct information about what states/counties/towns/whatever, Echostar is not allowed to transmit adult channels to. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it, I'm doing a report for school about...
  8. C1787GJ

    Locals through cable question.

    Hello, I still get my local channels through cable (comcast) because it makes the internet cheaper than internet alone. Is there anyway for me to have these put through the receivers I have? (522 and a 625 and a 311) Do any of these receivers have some type of a switch in them? I'm assuming...
  9. C1787GJ

    622's UHF Remote Distancevs the 522' UHF Remote Distance

    Ok so had a 522 for a few years. Used it in single mode and usually just used the UHF remote 2. worked fine. NOw have a 622, doing the same thing, just single mode and using the UHF remote #2. The range of the new remote seems a lot less than the 522' UHF remote was. I set the addresses...
  10. C1787GJ

    Used 522 Price Question

    Radioshack is going to sell the Demo 522 receivers they had for $349.99 but it will include a one year warranty from Dish Network. That price still seems high to me, what do you all think is a fair price for a used 522, probably almost a couple years old, that has been on almost every single...
  11. C1787GJ

    Sportster 4 Radio

    Just got the new Sportster 4 Radio today. Very impressed. I like how thin it is, and the screen seems bigger than the Sportster Replay but I'm not sure if it is. The look of the receiver is sharp, very nicely done. Hope the come out with a boombox for it soon!! :) Any questions let me...
  12. C1787GJ

    Sirius S100 LIVE Portable!!!!

    Saw that the new S100 is coming out soon, should be available around 9/15, replacing the S50!! I'm just curious does anyone know how this will work? It is going to be able to listen to sirius live portably. I'm excited for it but just not sure if it is going to work everywhere or how it...
  13. C1787GJ

    something kind of weird on my 522

    so i accidently punched in channel 805 ( i do not get this channel nor does it show in the guide) and a window pops up saying this is a subscription channel please call dish to order. So I press the guide button again and channel 819 which shows Red in the guide because i do not subscribe to...
  14. C1787GJ

    Boston locals on 61.5

    Just noticed today that any locals in the boston market that currently require a second dish (61.5) to view will soon be available with a one dish solution it says. Just in case anyone was interested. :)
  15. C1787GJ

    Parental Lock Question

    Is there any way to reset the lock if someone happened to forget what they made it. Long story short, someone locked the dish and don't know what the password they made was. Is there like a universal code or anything to reset it? Its a 522.
  16. C1787GJ

    TV 2 Picture Quality

    Is there any way to improve the quality of the picture on Tuner 2 off a 522. It is just a coax run I would say no more than 50 feet away. It just looks grainy, I check the connections and made sure they were tight and on correctly, is it just this way because it is so long, or a bad cable...
  17. C1787GJ

    Dish UHF Remote Address Change

    Ok so somehow my 522 and my 625 reciever last night ended up with the same UHF remote address for tuner 2. I can't remember how to change it though. Can someone please lend me some expertise (spelling) :) on this matter. Thank you!!!!! If it makes a difference I would like to change the one...
  18. C1787GJ

    Dish 1000 Question

    Hellloooo Everyone. I currently have a Dish 500. Some of my locals are on 61.5 which I do not have the second dish to recieve them. If I called Dish and asked to get them would they install a second dish or could I get a Dish 1000. Does a Dish 1000 even see 61.5? Also does a Dish 1000 have...
  19. C1787GJ

    Dish DVR fee

    Just wondering, If I have the AEP and a 522 AND a 625 Will I have to pay any DVR fee? I know with one receiver you do not pay it, I was wondering if anyone knew if you had two DVR receivers do they charge you the DVR fee for the second one.
  20. C1787GJ

    625 Vs 522

    I currently have a 522, if I can get a 625 is it worth it? What is the main difference besides ON Demand, and is that even available yet?? Just curious to see what others think. Thanks!! Chris