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    Red Notice on RTN Channels

    new web page is Welcome to RTN the Retro Television Network
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    RTN national feeds are moving to AMC 9 tp 1 today.
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    anyone got a 1meter or bigger ku dish in or near chattanooga i can buy or borrow pm me for phone number ty gary
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    need your help

    I am trying to get my show high on the podcast list for Itunes. I am asking that everyone go to Itunes and subcribe to the unreliable sources podcast. The more downloads we get the higher we get on the list. You guys are the best ! Gary
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    G10r will end this weekend ! (swapping to new bird)

    This weekend g10r will go away forever. The new replacement will be flown into it's space slot and should we hope work. During the change Equity and RTN will drop all feeds for about an hour.If all goes according to plan the new bird will come back online with all the same settings. Please email...
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    Urgent Need Help In Denver

    ch39 off air. need to borrow a receiver and lnb for a day... can anyone help? GAry
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    LIVE FTA TV SHOW ! perhaps ?

    ok, a couple of you said you would sponsor...if you really are willing to fork out a few bucks please send me a private message... thanks Gary
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    RTN web site now live !

    kcbu lineup will return next week
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    LIVE FTA TV SHOW ! perhaps ?

    Ok here is the question. If I hosted a live fta tv show that was only on G10R no tv stations with phone calls many of you folks would watch ? This would be a closed circuit ( sat only ) live call in show. Gary
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    RTN web site now live !

    Welcome to RTN the Retro Television Network Gary
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    Star Trek on G10R

    also on KKYK......
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    Unreliable Sources new time

    The show has moved to 10pm central 11 eastern.
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    Equity DVB-S2

    the coolsat 5100hd works great... 8spsk dvbs2 mpeg 4 3820down' fec 3/4 29.125 symbol rate
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    all Equity (formerly RTN) feeds the real list

    Equity Broadcasting Uplink Information ...UPDATED AS OF 8/18/09 Everything gone now :( no signals
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    Equity DVB-S2

    I have used the coolsat for the s-2 feeds and they seem to be ok, but I would welcome any input into other mpeg4 dvb-s2. remeber the feed is 8psk not qpsk. It is fine to post the specs. I did post them I while ago.
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    Arkansas Weather

    who is seeing lattv ? we should have retrojams 24/7
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    live tv show tonight

    moving one hour earlier. Anyone live in Atlanta ? We may be live this week from Atl.
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    live tv show tonight

    Special Unreliable sources tonight ! Live at 11 central.... join me please...GAry
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    G10R Question

    signal and quality hints for G10r feeds here is the key to g10r.... 1. the sat is about to die a painful death and will be replaced in a few months 2. make sure to set pole to null not to peak 3. never peak during the out of box times 4. check little rock weather , if it's bad g10r will be...
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    Special Live SHOw

    A special Unreliable Sources Special will air live Wed Feb 13th at 10pm eastern , 9pm central on most Equity G10R English feeds. Safe bet is to watch on WNGS or KWBF. Gary