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    HDCP issue on Premium Channels

    So yesterday, to my delight, i get a call from Directv offering all the movie channels free for 3 months. I of course accepted and happily went home from work to set the DVR and browse the new on demand content at my finger tips. To my dismay, every time i tried to watch something, i would get...
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    Media share on networked drive?

    I have a genie that is connected to the internet. I have used and vuze to stream videos on the genie before, but since the computer I have those programs on is connected to my network wirelessly, the dependability of the stream is not very good (lots of freezing of the video). I had...
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    PS3 as RVU client

    As many of you may have seen, there was a quick blurb in Engadget's CES review of Directv's new products about the coming ability to use a PS3 as a RVU client with the HR34 (and coming HR44)... Is there any news about when this may be available to customers and how it will work? Thanks!
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    HMC Set-up with External HD

    I am currently a Dish customer that had my 922 crap out on me this week. The only thing keeping me from switching to DirecTV and the new HMC was the almost 2 TB worth of shows i had saved on my 922 and external HD... Since i lost half of that (and the most current recordings at that) with the...
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    Tell me why I should wait on the XIP receiver system?

    I have been a Dish customer for a little over 5 years... for the most part, I have really been pleased with programming, price, service, and equipment. I started with a 622 and upgraded to a 922 not long after it came out. The family is growing, which also means that 2 tuners on a DVR is...
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    Temporarily Add extra 722

    I am having a big March Madness party this weekend to watch all the games with some friends. Now that the games are spread out over CBS and the Turner stations, there will be as many as 4 games on at the same time. I currently just have 1 922, so I only have 2 tuners and OTA. My father...
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    Tivo DVR Coming Soon and other Questions

    Hey guys... Its me again.. the Dish customer that had to put a DirecTV tailgate setup on the roof to watch a game this weekend. I am still comparing numbers and trying to find a way to get to D*... like what i am hearing about referral rebates as well as rebates that involve D* paying for my...
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    Unhappy Dish Customer!

    Hey guys... thought some of you D* fans would like this and perhaps find this humorous! I was having a party to watch the Georgia vs. Colorado game this weekend. Well that game happened to be on our local FSN network that is locked out because Fox is greedy and Dish is cheap! Anyways, I...
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    MLB TV

    Anyone have any news on the negotiations between MLB and Dish? I sincerely hope they are close to a deal to add the MLB network in HD! If not I bet that 100k of lost subscribers will just continue to rise as the baseball season begins! If we only had a Sat. company with the HD capacity of D*...
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    Where's My L615

    I see everyone talking about the good and bad of the new L615 software on their 622's and 722's... meanwhile i still havent gotten the update? Is that normal? I CANT WAIT for folders on my External HD!
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    External Hard Drive Folders

    Any news on when folders are going to be available on external HD's? It was mentioned back on Nov. 10th that a software update for 622's and 722's enabling folders would be released on Nov. 20th. As far as i can tell, this feature is not available?? If it is, can someone post here how to sort...
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    622 Timer Freezing and Reboot

    Has anyone figured out a fix for the fairly common problem with the 622 freezing up and then rebooting every time you edit or delete a timer? I though I had fixed it but the problem arose again last night. I have tried manual reboots (both by holding the power button and unplugging), done a...
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    VIP722s Sling

    I was having problems with my VIP622 box... namely the fairly common problem of having the box freeze and reboot when i would try to edit or delete a timer... anyways, i was chatting online with a TS rep at dish about the problem. He suggested that if I ended up having to replace the box, that...
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    Spring White Out... What is it??

    I have read on a few posts about a "Traditional Spring White Out"... what sparked my interest was when I heard people complaining about it in conjunction with Sat. 129. I live in atlanta and lost my link with 129 last week (in turn losing my locals). I was wondering if what ever this spring...