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  1. uhf

    G4 gone: SoapNet and G4 ceasing operations/distribution soon?

    Dish Network owns a minority interest in G4 Media. Approximately 12%. Maybe that's why Esquire went to Style instead of G4.
  2. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    I did get the automated phone call last night to confirm. After 5pm came and went I did the online chat thing, they gave me the run around until I asked for escalation to someone that could actually do something. Ended up with executive relations team, they finally determined that the tech...
  3. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    Dish cancelled my install with no notification. Good thing I took a day off work to wait for them to not come!
  4. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    Called Dish directly and have an install scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The spot where the DirecTV dish is has perfect LOS to 110, 119, and 129. I'm doing 1 Hopper and 2 Joeys.
  5. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    Nice! I could shorten it up some if I could bury the coax diagonally across my yard, but my yard is terraced and there's a stone retaining wall that I'd have to come through, which seems like way too much hassle to save on what might end up being 20' of coax.
  6. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    A crummy one. It works on all the locals except the NBC which is the closest. EVERYONE has trouble with it. It's VHF channel 7 and running 1.2kw out of the transmitter. If the only way is EA, I can try a better antenna. But I see no reason that WA wouldn't work.
  7. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    Also, meant to ask, does the Solo Node go at the Dish, so I can use one coax to the house? Then use a tap for the Joeys, correct? I think I need to call Dish directly to order.
  8. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    I have a tree that is just barely in the LOS for western arc if we place the dish on my roof. And that tree is growing like a weed, so even though signal is "good" today, there will be problems with it soon. Previously Dish had mounted a 1000.2 in the location, and the tree did cause an...
  9. uhf

    freezing pic in Dubuque. lot of people having this trouble during shows, not commercials.

    email reports to dishquality at
  10. uhf

    Possible Receiver Fraud?

    Filing a Fraud Alert with the credit bureaus would be a good idea too.
  11. uhf

    Question about owned receiver

    Where did you get them? DirecTV claims that if you bought them, they were stolen from DTV by an installer. Not sure I believe anything DTV tells me though. The guy that sold me mine had three of them, all owned, until he sold them, then suddenly DTV claimed they were leased receivers. Probably...
  12. uhf

    DirecTV Mirroring is Horrible

    Is there a device which allows diplexing OTA cannels and will still pass MRV? I only need to diplex VHF channels into the line.
  13. uhf

    Question about owned receiver

    I was told by the executive resolution team that there is no such thing as an owned HR24. Of course, this after a regular CSR told me the receiver I was buying was in fact owned, and could be activated on my account. The seller had confirmed that as well, but when I received it 3 days later I...
  14. uhf

    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    I called to see what my ETF was. I've never been very happy with DirecTV in general and told them that. They offered Sunday Ticket free, but required a contract. Not interested in ST at all, so I passed. Then they offered free Starz for 6 months. Ok, sounds good. Then they added free Showtime...
  15. uhf

    Was about to leave DISH for Direct. I'm not sure after doing more research.

    True. In my opinion, this is in violation of the FCC All Channels Receiver Act. Manufacturers cannot pick and choose which TV channels can be tuned OTA. It's all, or none. Obviously, DirecTV disagrees, as they've flat out told me that NO new OTA channels will ever be added due to the program...
  16. uhf

    Second reciever charge

    I called a year ago and asked if they could reduce my bill since cable was offering comparable service for $29.95 a month for 2 years. Dish couldn't match the price, but they knocked $20 a month off my bill for a year and gave me 3 months of free HBO. Call them and see what they can do for...
  17. uhf

    Owned vs leased recievers

    I currently have an owned DVR508 on my account, but I need to move to Eastern Arc due to LOS issues, I simply can't see 129 from my property and 61.5 isn't carrying some of the newer channels. If I switch to leasing a DVR625, will my bill increase? I think they are now charging the same...
  18. uhf

    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    I've got 110/119/61.5 :( That was after I "upgraded" from a 1000.2 dish. Neighbor has a damned tree in the path so I don't have LOS to 129.
  19. uhf

    How to Combine tv 2 from two receivers

    just use a splitter backwards.