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    Portland-Auburn Maine DMA, wrong locals.

    Hey, Just wanted to know if others out there were getting North/South Carolina locals instead of Portland-Auburn, Maine locals. I've contacted DISH and they said it'll be fixed as soon as possible. The local PBS station is coming in fine. Are any of you experiencing this? Thanks! EDIT: Back...
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    Dish dispute with Sinclair...reached deal in principle

    Well, WGME in Maine isn't gone quite yet..
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    Why is ESPN now letter-boxed all the time?!

    Did did that with our local PBS station not too long ago... after many issues, they switched back to putting the whole 16:9 picture in the 4:3 image.
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    Update for VIP222..

    I've done that and the effect only lasts a few hours.
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    Update for VIP222..

    I got this update as well- I have noticed a dramatic increase in the time it takes for the guide to pop up after pushing the guide button. It was bad before this update, and now it's even worse.
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    Just became a new customer, and I'm VERY excited!

    Just a note on this- you can call and get a free receiver replacement without this plan under warranty. You will have to haggle to get them to drop the $15 shipping fee.
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    The quality of HD channels?

    Is the 222k MPEG4? I have tried the HDMI cable I connect to my Xbox+component and no matter what the 222k is always least clear.
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    The quality of HD channels?

    Just a quick correction, I have a 722k, and the output is defiantly set on 720p. The TVs information screen confirms this. I guess I am referencing a type of "unclairity" in the picture and notice that the image on HD channels is blotchy. I don't think it's my TV because things from my...
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    The quality of HD channels?

    Hello, I've been bouncing back between 720p and 1080i to try and see if I can see a difference. Based on threads here, I settled on 720p. I have also tried both Component and HDMI with no visible difference. In addition, I have worked around with my TVs settings. I am thinking, based on...
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    Dish not allowed to sling networks ???

    Sling isn't provided by DISH at all, when viewing slingbox content, one connects directly to ones slingbox at their home IP.
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    The quality of HD channels?

    I have been a DISH subscriber since this February and can now say I've noticed a noticeable decline in HD picture quality. Netflix HD streaming from my Xbox looks better and less blotchy than DISH HD does. Does anybody know what is up with this? Have they been reducing the bitrate on HD...
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    New HD local markets being launched

    What DMA are you in? Presque Isle? What CW do you have? Portland-Auburn?
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    New HD local markets being launched

    GAH! The DMA next to mine, Bangor,ME is getting PBS and the CW in HD. My DMA doesn't have that. People are always talking about how easy it is to "move," is it really that easy/can it be done on the website?
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    Closed Caption issues- Comedy Central and HLN(sats 61.5 and 72)

    To avoid opening another thread- What is the deal with superstations? Looking online, it says I am eligible for the UPN and WB ones. What are the benefits to these if one already MyTV and CW locals? Are they offered in HD? Thanks!
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    Closed Caption issues- Comedy Central and HLN(sats 61.5 and 72)

    I called regular tech support and asked for the closed caption compliance person, they weren't sure who that was, neither was the supervisor. I found it on the FCCs website(Alex Constantine, 202-293-0981). I left a message and am wondering if anybody else is having these issues. Thanks!
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    DISH responds to PBS Injunction

    +1 Why not get rid of the junk shopping channels to make way for PBS HD? Does anybody ever watch those? I would also like CW and MyTV in HD..
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    Don't use

    I ordered a TV2 IR converter from them and had the exact opposite experience. They don't seem like a company who would rip somebody off.
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    Many long time owned subs are finally leaving in droves/how to fix dish bag network

    What plan did you have for $64/month and what package/# of receivers do you have?
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    How does "PIP" work on a 622?

    Reset your box then follow what I do. Here is how I do it. *Switch the receiver to single mode; *tune to one channel(say CNN); *press PIP(you get a new channel in the lower corner); *If you want to change the smaller picture, press swap, enter new channel, press swap again Nothing...