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    DirecTV HR2x Mass Lockups overnight 10/6

    I woke up this morning and tried to put on a show for my daughter and I couldn't change the channel, after a reboot it worked fine. I am working from home today so I just tried to watch some tv during lunch and the receiver is locked again, I just pressed the reboot button.
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    Video on Demand?

    Thanks for responses On a seperate issue, when I log onto my router every once and awhile I will se the receiver is inactive in my network. I have to run the connection check on the HR20 in order for it to show up as active again in the network. Is this something normal or am I having an...
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    Video on Demand?

    I have my HR20-700 up and running. I have my receiver connected to my router via a wireless connection. I ran a check and it states I am connected to the network and the internet. On Demand is visible in the menu but when I try to select it nothing happens also none of the channels in the...
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    Missing HD channels

    I was able to obtain an HR20, so I could use the OTA input, to replace the HR21 that I was originally given by the installer. I installed the new receiver and got everything activated and I notice that several HD channels are not showing up. Is this typical? the lady that activated my...
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    Just had Directv installed, couple of ???

    I had my install today, the installer called me at 8:30 to let me know he would be at my house at 11, to my surprise he was actually early. The install went great, it took about 3 HRs My questions are: The HD DVR is a h-21, should I want an h-20 or be happy with this one? The only...