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    Renewal up- What to ask for?

    My 2 YRs will be up in 02/2012. Now, I am not pleased with the slowness of the HR22 DVR box. It takes too long to change channels and response time overall is too slow for me. If I were to renew (which I am planning on), what DVR box should I ask for? What would be the latest model that will be...
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    Free NFL package?

    I am currently getting ALL the NFL games without subscribing to the NFL package. How is this possible?? I do have the MLB package and hit the scorecard button. When I hit that button, it shows all the NFL games and I can go to 'watch now' and select the NFL HD channels. Is this just a...
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    "Another RARE occurrence" haha Twins vs Rays blackout

    So here we go again, another week, another weekend, another game I CANT watch..even though I pay $200 for this trash package. Twins vs. Rays - DirecTV says check my local listings. Well guess what - its not on my 'local listings'. Right now my 'local listings' are showing the Nats vs Mets. I...
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    Embarrasing - Response time for remote

    I have the HR22, Slim installed. Going thru the channels is like getting the plague or ebola. So painful. Add the MLB package, and you have a full blown disease!! By time the 'Scorecard' button appears, an entire inning will pass you by. Its embarassing...just a disgrace. Why cant DirecTV...
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    Indians not on? I live in cleveland and have MLB Package!

    The Indians vs Reds game is not even on TV! I live in cleveland and its being played in cleveland. The local channel fox has the Yankees on! WTF??! I go the Channel 720 and it says "Check local listings' Cmon guys, this is just ridiculous, I cant even watch the home team play?
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    MLB EI - Not billed yet?

    I made my first installment of $50 (4 x $50) before the season started (over month ago). I still have not received a bill saying I owe another $50. I already paid my last invoice which did not include anything about MLB. When should I expect it? Does it take 2 cycles or more?
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    Signal lost several times

    Got directv installed about 4 months ago. Worked fine in all snow weather (OH). However, tonight we had thunder showers. Signal must have went out about 5x. It does come back within 5 minutes, but is this normal? We also had thunderstorms last week and knocked it out too. So, now this is...
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    MLB EI Remote issues..Scorecard issues..

    First season with DirecTV. I have a few questions/issues with finding MLB games. 1) What channel do I go to first to find what games are on? I have been going to 213 (MLB network). 2) I hit the RED button on remote and sometimes it does not pull up the Scorecard. Yes, Im already watching a MLB...
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    Billing issue -have email - told I must write a letter to fix!

    I never heard of such garbage! I ordered DireTV first time 3 months ago. I have yet to see my referral credit on my bill. I called today and guy said he does not see anything on my initial order about it. He then said he cant fix it and I must write a letter to HQ's. Here: directv po box 6550...
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    Windows 7 - Gadget XM radio online

    So, I just installed Windows 7. Just discovered this 'gadget' thing. Found the xm radio gadget and have been using it ever since. Its great! I can save my favorite channels and scroll up/down just between the favorites. It remains on top of my windows too! I stopped listening to xm radio online...
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    MLB Extra Innings - Best Time to Sign Up?

    When should I Subsribe to MLB Extra Innings? Now or wait until April? Does it matter? I think it does not matter when I sign up as I will be charged $200 regardless.
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    Which one? Insignia 50''Plasma or LG 47" LCD?

    Just got DirecTV few days ago. Now need to find a HD TV. My requirements are 1) 1080p, 2) Response time 2M (LCD only) Plasma does not matter as it is not effected 3) Under 1K 4) Contrast atleast 33000:1 5) Minimum 47'', prefer 50'' 6) Need financing (no interest/minimum monthly payments) I...
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    Tech said the Power Adapter can not be plugged into a strip?

    Just had direcTV installed. Tech said the big black power adapter must be plugged directly into the wall so that the current is regular. I told him to use the power strip instead, but he said no because the electric current changes and can cause problems with the power of the dish. Is this...
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    Just got it installed! Some questions

    Just got DirecTV installed yesterday. Tech installed SLIM dish on side of house. He said he did SWM install (1 HDDVR and 2 Standard). The free HDDVR I got was HR22 model. Tech used existing RG6 cable so no wiring needed. Now some questions/issues: 1) HR22 - It is slower to respond than the...
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    Cancelled Time Warner for DirecTV

    Well, I had enough with Time Warner liars and crooks. Signed up back in Sept.2009. They said I would be on the win dishback promo for $104 a month (includes all 3 services). Said thats fine. Well, its Feb. and I never received the promo. TW said they received my fax showing I had another...
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    Installation this Monday - Cable Currently

    Getting direcTV installed Monday. Currently I have Time Warner run through house. I have 3 TV's (one in basement, one on first floor, and one on second floor). Its a 2 story standalone house. Now, before we moved in they did have Satellite installed. I actually removed the old dish which was...
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    Xbox1 Component cable work on latest HD DVR Receiver?

    Just ordered DirecTV for first time. I got the promo deal that includes free HD DVR $199 savings. I believe I will get the HR23 model. Now, my TV is older ESA 27'' with component jacks. I have my old XBOX1 connected to it using component cables. Can I use these same exact cables to connect...
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    Credit card required?

    Am I required to give them my Credit Card# at any given time during sign up? Im reading so many stories how they were told to give them there CC# for incidentals or activation fees and then they end up getting overcharged. I dont ever plan on giving them my CC# at all. Is this possible? I will...
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    Yes Network - How to sign up and terms?

    I will be subscribing to Direct TV within few days. I want to get the "Sports Pack" for the NY Yankees. However, I only want it during the baseball season. When is best time I should subscribe? And can this be done online? I think I read there was a minimum 30 days or something? Can I just...
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    Signing up in few days..few questions

    Dumping Time Warner TV (keeping cable internet though). I have not signed up yet, but will do by 02/08 so I can get promotion #1 - I dont have HD tv. However, one of my TVs support Component (not SD). Can I still get the FREE HD DVR receiver and hook it up to that? My other TV only has RCA...