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    Faulty LNB?

    This is regarding an in motion dome on my RV. I use a R15 DVR unit. When everything starts up, it wont lock in. All the connections are tight and the dome motor is pointing to the South and searching for the bird, but wont lock on. How do I test the coax to see if the DRV is sending out the...
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    Which receiver?

    I was told that if my DLP TV had a built in HD tuner, that I dont need a HD receiver or HD DVR to watch HD programming on the DLP. Is this correct? If the signal coming in from the satellite is in HD, can I still watch it in HD with say, an R15 DVR? Thanks Bill
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    DVR question

    I just installed a DTV DVR in my motorhome and was wondering if there is any way to activate it without a phone line? We dont even have any active phone jacks in the house as we use internet phone.
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    channel distribution

    The new house we are buying has sat tv set up where there is a central AV cabinet that has 4 dtv receivers that are tied to 4 devices that then send each receiver's info throughout the house into the coax system. That way each TV has access to all 4 DTV sets depending on which channel the TV is...
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    RF remote

    My RV has a D10 receiver with a rc16 remote. I would like to upgrade to a RF remote so that I can use the remote from outside and from the RV bedroom. I dont want to have to have line of sight. Can I simply purchase an RF remote like the rc24 or does the receiver have to be RF capable as...