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  1. Suppafreak

    Recent Dish Anywhere app for PC works really slow.

    Hello, I have couple of older PCs which I used for internet browsing and watching Dish Anywhere. Dish Anywhere used to worked flawlessly with no slowdowns or hiccups. Recently it was updated and now it works really slow. The CPU spikes and streams slowdown like it is in slow motion. Any ideas...
  2. Suppafreak

    Recording that are older than 7 days will play from the end.

    Hello I know this has been discussed before long time ago (I could not find that thread), but it looks like Dish does not have a fix for it and looks like Dish tech support does not know anything about. What happens if the recorded show is 7 days old it will start playing from the end. It used...
  3. Suppafreak

    DishAnywhere Sling Media Engine Restarting.

    Hello, Tried watching TV on DishAnywhere today, but get "Sling Media Engine Restarting" message. I tried on iPad and Android phone. I also tried rebooting the receiver and then unplug/plug receiver. Worked OK yesterday. Any ideas how to fix it. Thank you
  4. Suppafreak

    Dish Anywhere app displays deleted shows in the DVR tab.

    Hello, Since I upgraded to Hopper 3, I notice that if I delete a recorded show from the Hopper DVR the show will still be displayed in the DVR tab of the Dish Anywhere app. I delete the shows manually, but next time I open the Dish Anywhere app the display again. It happens on the Android and...
  5. Suppafreak

    Has dish removed AutoHop feature.

    Hello, I have Hopper 3 and just notice that when I record PT shows and the view them later, sometimes several days later, I no longer see an option to "autohop" the commercials (Message 410). I know that CBS has some rules (7 days) for autohop, but for other PT channels autohop was available...
  6. Suppafreak

    Over the air adapter for Hopper 2 or 3?

    Hi What over the air adapter I can use to receive over the air channels?
  7. Suppafreak

    Prime Time recordings corrupted after several weeks.

    Yesterday I wanted to watch a 2 weeks old show recorded on FOX network and same thing happened again. It started with about 3 min left. I decided to transfer the show to a mobile device. To my surprise it transferred and played correctly from the start. So it looks like the workaround here, if...
  8. Suppafreak

    Prime Time recordings corrupted after several weeks.

    Yeah, I do not think that is the problem. It happens almost every week and only during prime time. There isn't that much breaking news and all shows start on time.
  9. Suppafreak

    Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC

    It looks like it is still an issue. I see it constantly on ABC PTAT. DISH please FIX IT.
  10. Suppafreak

    Prime Time recordings corrupted after several weeks.

    Hello, Not sure if it happened to anyone else, but here is the problem I have with Prime Time recordings specifically with ABC recordings. For the reference I will be using episode_wk1 and episode_wk2. I record lots of Prime Time shows and sometimes cannot get to watch them for couple of...
  11. Suppafreak

    Dish Anywhere issue.

    I will try this next time. Thanks
  12. Suppafreak

    Dish Anywhere issue.

    I installed it once and just keep updating it when new versions come out.
  13. Suppafreak

    Dish network has no time for penny-pinching customers

    I rarely complain or call Dish and always pay on time my $127 bill, but if CEO wants only high paying customers, then provide better service and content. With all the money we pay for the unneeded/unwanted channels it would nice to have channels that most people want. Like Disney XD HD. I think...
  14. Suppafreak

    Dish Anywhere issue.

    Hi I was wondering if you have experience this Dish Anywhere issue. I am a heavy user of Dish Anywhere. I use it on iPad and my Note 4. Not sure if the issue in the mobile apps or Hopper, but at some point when I select to watch recorded show I get live channel. There is no way to fix it...
  15. Suppafreak

    Any hope of including WB Newtwork as part of the Primetime recording.

    Silly me. Of-course I meant CW.
  16. Suppafreak

    Any hope of including WB Newtwork as part of the Primetime recording.

    Hi, Not sure if it was discussed already, I could not find any posts about it, but is there any hope that WB will be included in Primetime recording? I am not sure why Dish does not considering it as a major Broadcaster. I think it should. Dish, what say you?
  17. Suppafreak

    mp4 file would not play on hopper

    Hello, I was wondering what file formats can be played on hopper? The hopper sees a media server from my computer and it sees the video files. However when I click on a file to play it would not play it. I created the file in Adobe Premiere CC and used H.264 Format and NTSV DV preset. I...
  18. Suppafreak

    Laggy navigation on Joey

    Hello, Just wondering if any one experienced a slow navigation on Joey. When I am in the DVD menu, it takes very long to switch between Prime Time and My Recordings screens. When clicking on recording it takes about 10 seconds for the sub-menu to come up. Not sure if it is software update or I...
  19. Suppafreak

    Bluetooth connection to Note 3.

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to connect mu Note 3 to Hopper via Bluetooth, so I can listen the audio through the headphones. I went to Bluetooth setting on Hopper, turned the Bluetooth ON, click the search button, and scan button on the phone. But Hopper nor Note 3 could not...
  20. Suppafreak

    CNN and HLN gone/ Dish-Turner Dispute - Now Back 11/21

    Here is the short of it. Both sides seem to agree that a deal will ultimately be reached, meaning that we (Dish subscribers) will ultimately pay more for service, which makes me wonder: Why go through the hassle and bad publicity of a blackout if you’re just going to hike rates in the end...