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    Dish Joey Wifi

    I used to be an installer and I have 1 hopper 3 joeys. One Joey wired. The other two wifi only and to this day I have not had one single issue on ANY of mine. I installed some customers wireless joeys too to save time on line runs or picky customers.
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    moving the single node

    Technically it would increase the speeds of the Joey more so than the hopper IMO. How much of an increase? Maybe MS? I used to be an installer for DNS and honestly it probably isn't worth your time. Unless the node itself is exposed to weather or its an eyesore to you wherever it may be...
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    Was DISH Robbed at CES?

    True. Karma doesn't involve regrets.
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    Was DISH Robbed at CES?

    I have no remorse for dish on this one. It was childish of them to disqualify Dish but karma is a bitch sometimes. America's worst company to work for... Complete disrespect for hard working employees and shady business earned them this one. And yes, I am an ex installer for dish. But still...
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    Terrified at the thought of installers messing with my house

    ( dish network installer answer If you are honest with the tech and explain what you are trying to do he should have no problem doing what you are asking. Tell him if the quality assurance guy shows up you will ask him to leave. That's our biggest fear. We love to use existing equipment as...
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    Dual Hopper Intergration (From Team Summit)

    I don't know about you... But I would rather successful baby steps than one giant disaster step.
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    Team Summit - General Assembly

    So now the local affiliates will add advertisements at the bottom of the screens DURING the shows. Like fox does with it's own programming once in awhile Just a prediction. But I could see it happening more and more =\
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    Hopper Software Update Coming along with Pandora!

    That's good news. I was pretty bummed out that I couldn't listen to pandora on the joeys in my house. But I could check my Facebook ( cool feature that I probably won't use ) but I'm excited to be able to have pandora everywhere
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    Joey Works Without Coax Cable?

    But if there's enough demand it will be re-added...... .... For a fee of course
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    starting to get Error Code 05 and 04 alot now

    My hopper has been randomly doing this as well. And locking up a lot more this past week. I have had it since day 1 so hopefully it's just a software issue.
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    Hopper Fan noise and Energy usage

    Might want to check ventilation. Mine is basically silent as well minus a reboot/startup
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    Hopper apps

    Netflix will never be on there... Unless dish buys them too.
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    DISH Network Retailer Chat Recap - "Hopper Special" - 2/16/2012

    So basically if we get 2 hoppers before they are able to see each other... And the new nodes for 2 hopper systems combine them... How would you keep the 2 hopper networks separate until the update? I'm lost now
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    Live from Team Summit

    I think whole home DVR is a pretty big announcement. Its the one thing customers always ask me about when installing. I think it's a good move for Dish as long as the price is right. And they don't bail on it like the 922.. Guess we will see
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    Program Icons

    As of the newest update my program guide stops at Saturday at 2 am. It says no info and won't let me go any farther. I have not tried resetting yet as I'm at work but will check and report back
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    GoogleTV and 922?

    I hope so. Would hate to have my 922 collect dust and downgrade to a 722 just so I can have google tv.
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    GoogleTV and 922?

    Will google tv be compatible with 922? From what I have seen the highest VIP receiver is the 722k that will be compatible.
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    922 Timers " No Info Available "

    So After installing all day ( DNS Tech ) I came home to check out some timers set for today to record, and all say " No Info Available " and the times for recording are on average 2 hours too long. Anyone seen this yet? FPR and other typical troubleshooting has no fix ( I even deleted all...
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    922 Sling Setup Instructions

    There is a sling id number on system info screen that you need ( and password )
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    Official 922 Installation Problems Thread

    I installed my own 922 this morning ( DNS Tech ) and I ran into a few snags.. Time on 922 was hours off ( Fixed using front red reset button behind door of Receiver ) I turned it off for about 30 mins, then reset it and it also fixed channel logos. My sling streaming was spotty ( one time...