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  1. njjeepguy

    Fox Audio

    What's up with the Audio on Fox NY??? Anyone else have the really bad audio??
  2. njjeepguy

    Please Correct me if I'm wrong

    I would not exactly use the word selling. You are paying for the privledge to lease their equiptment.
  3. njjeepguy

    Is their anyway to get 2 HD receivers?

    If you are going to buy them I would suggest one of the sponsers like dishstore or sadoun. If you are going to lease - CSR roulette - someone posted somewhere that they were able to lease a 2nd unit. I purchased one and leased one.
  4. njjeepguy

    Problems with NY NBC HD Tonight?

    Thanks for the quick response!
  5. njjeepguy

    Problems with NY NBC HD Tonight?

    Anyone else's NBC HD flaking out tonight? Just switched from HD to BAD SD and Back, Picture and audio dropouts..... No loss of sat signal. Anyone else seeing this or is my 211's HDMI port getting ready to die?
  6. njjeepguy

    Post your COMMENTS about the Upgrade Here

    If I already have one dish at 61.5 and a dish 500 at 110 & 119 why do I need a Dish 1000 for 129? Did I miss something?
  7. njjeepguy

    Post Your Upgrade Experience Here

    Called back at 7:05 and they are able to do it now. Install Thursday (tomorrow) 12-5. Only the codes for HD bronze are in the system yet but he used HD bronze to lock in the install date.
  8. njjeepguy

    Post Your Upgrade Experience Here

    Called at 5 am eastern Told her I wanted hd Platinum & uprgade an 811 She clicked around in the compuer Took CC Info Put on hold gave confirm# Schedule install date of Thursday (tomorrow) for Dish 1000 90 day install warranty 18 month commitment of at60 + hold hold Damm call...
  9. njjeepguy

    When to call Dish

    Just orderd. There systems are updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. njjeepguy

    When to call Dish

    I am on hold now while I iron my cloths for work. She said it looks like it is comming up.
  11. njjeepguy

    When will it be Feb 1 for calling Dish?

    The voom channels went live at about 4am eastern (I was up). I called to have them added and the CSR said the systems pulls updated info around that time every morning. I waited on hold with her until it came back up and the new programming code for Voom was in there. My guess would be 4am...
  12. njjeepguy

    Sea-Launch Update

    Once it is up, how long does it usually take before it is active and broadcasting usable signals?
  13. njjeepguy

    Dish Acknowledges HDMI issues with MPEG4 receivers

    I think it is a software glitch but who knows. I complained until I got a replacement. They originally sent in a request to engineering with no response. So they sent a replacement. The 411's are not in their system so it had to go to Corporate Resolutions or some BS department like that...
  14. njjeepguy

    Dish Acknowledges HDMI issues with MPEG4 receivers

    Knock on wood I have a 411 I purchased from Dishstore and I have not had a problem with HDMI. It's been running for well over a week. I am having a problem with it dropping the satellite locals in the lower range ex. 004-00 but Dish is sending a replacement. I will have to say that the...
  15. njjeepguy

    January 25, 2006 - Uplink Activity

    One question. How are you guys able to see this?
  16. njjeepguy

    New Channels before 2/1 ?

    Any chance of getting the new channels before Feb 1st? Or is it wishful thinking.
  17. njjeepguy

    Missing channels on 1 of my 3 receivers

    Same thing on my Dish411. Big 4 Only on the lower channels.
  18. njjeepguy

    Dish411 Guide Problem

    I just got off the phone with a CSR. She mentioned it may be something engineering (software) has to resolve. Wonderful!
  19. njjeepguy

    Dish411 Guide Problem

    I am begining to think so!
  20. njjeepguy

    Dish411 Guide Problem

    They are satellite locals. I could be watching 2 - 4 - 7 and all of a sudden I get a you do not subscribe to these channels. Then they drop off the all subscribed guide. If I change the guide to all channels 2 4 7 show as red until I reboot the box.