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    question for voom subs

    I don't know all that much about DISH, but I've been a customer of DIRECT TV before and I'll never go back to them - the zombies they have working CS is my biggest complaint, other that it would be no HD, that and they are expensive compared to everyone else and from what I remember it wasn't...
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    Is it just me this morn, or are the HD CHANNELS CLEARER

    I'm watching "SpaceJam" on HBO right now, and the pixelation is horible - but mainly limited to the quickly moving images, the faster the movement the worse it is... I'm not expert on video formats, but from what I understand the pixelation is coming from to much compression... Which says to me...
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    Harmonic Encoder Improvements? (Feedback Need it)

    Volume a problem? I don't know if this is a problem with the mpeg4 stream or not, but in the last week the volume has gotten all screwed up (anyone else notice this?). I used to be able to surf channels without changing volume (a little if at all), now I may be on one channel, having to jack up...
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    Voom lite???

    Well, lets hope it is just the actual shows and not what is to come but I've noticed a few things also. The volume is screwed up now (used to be equal for the most part for all the channels), and UHD is getting screwy lately (like what you were talking about)... I called into to complain about...