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    Retro TV is available in Cincinnati Ohio - OTA and Cable

    Can't get it in Goshen, OH less than 16 miles east of Cincinnati
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    antenna recommendation

    I built my own antenna and put it in the attic. Look for the plans for a DB4 antenna. Built with coat hangers or scrap copper wire for less than $8. I am picking up 32 channels from between 16 and 40 miles away from stations that are 90 deg. apart from each other. You might be able to set the...
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    Insignia NS-DXA1 Converter Box

    I just got this box from Best Buy. It does NOT change channels for timed VCR recording. Auto Tune just searches for all the DTV channels. Also the program guide only shows the program that is now playing and the one that is coming up next. And it is not in "spreadsheet" form. You can not see...
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    Remounted Antenna - Now What?

    Maybe try it without the amp hooked up.