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  1. Senato

    72.7 comes into the picture. Another 8-K filiing

    Just what all the DISH subs want - another dish on the roof.
  2. Senato

    I am leaving dish

    Thank goodness DIRECTV added about 70 HD channels BEFORE the price increase.
  3. Senato

    Sea Launch has successful launch...

    Good idea, they certainly need it more right now.
  4. Senato

    I hate these new HD packages!

    Something tells me that VOOM will be losing a large share of its sub base. But I am not shocked by that really.
  5. Senato

    Dish Network 2008 CES Press Conference Discussion

    I also hope you are correct - but I don't understand why they are acting so quiet. They have to be taking phone calls daily asking when there will be more new channels added. They are also losing customers every day over this - I am not saying 1 or 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000. But they are...
  6. Senato

    New Dish Channel coming soon

    This they have room for? Someone needs to speak to their programming VP - real soon.
  7. Senato

    Sci-Fi HD...when can we watch?

    The pay providers don't have the exact same deals with the content providers, so your premise is not correct as to what they can offer to any particular company. The contract is what's in the contract as they say. Rights fees are negotiated individually - not collectively. I don't think...
  8. Senato

    Sci-Fi HD...when can we watch?

    Does all of this speculation about available capacity take into consideration the fact that E12 is operating now at reduced capacity and they cannot utilize all of its transponders? Could this be the root cause of what is happening right now? From the Echostar filing in November EchoStar XII...
  9. Senato

    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 12/15/2007

    They also want me to pay for channels you watch that I don't give a SH&T about.
  10. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    What do you think? What odds do you give to DISH being sold now? Didn't I read around here that the so-called experts say 65% chance of it?
  11. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    I am certainly not a marketing expert. I would have to think that the circulars, and other retailer advertising that would have to go out to consumers would already have to be in the works - especially if its going to have any impact. The holiday buying season is already under way as we all...
  12. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    But wasn't this the RETAILER CHAT? Shouldn't their retailers get informed of any Holiday or Super Bowl promotions already? Don't you think so yourself?
  13. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    Only a FEW? Now I think you are on acid. You can't be serious with that statement. So I got my answer though, it's blind loyalty. But you're entitled to it, I hope for your sake (and loyalty) you are correct. Still, that comment about only a hand few, is a handfull.
  14. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    Are you saying this for DIRECTV or DISH (or both)?
  15. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    Mike - some irony in your post - although I feel you are pretty much dead on. The loyalty to DIRECTV did come in large part to the fact that they revealed what they were working on, and it made sense. It was a bandwidth issue and they presented their solution. To buy and launch new...
  16. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    They didn't even offer much for the DISH fan club to start spinning in the forums. New HD programming = a channel launched a month ago? Pitiful.
  17. Senato

    Retailer Chat Recap, November 27, 2007

    Wow - no new HD news. How surprising. Just the very thing that people are most interested in and asking the most about. Has Echostar lost its collective mind? :yikes
  18. Senato

    Charlie speaks..... Finally!!!

    Forget for a bit what you or I think. Look at the net new sub numbers - an area that DISH led the past few years. They lost big time last quarter, and have already begun to downplay this quarter. There are all the makings of a huge win again for DirecTV. No, that doesn't mean the END of...
  19. Senato

    Charlie speaks..... Finally!!!

    And until last year GM was the largest producer of automobiles. But they most likely never will be again.
  20. Senato

    How long will you wait for DISH to deliver before switching to DirectTV

    I think that will all be changed tomorrow! They are adding something like 14 more RSNS to CONUS so they can provide more HD to both the NHL and NBA packages. D* rocks!