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  1. badhat


    There are two different kinds of cable.... not integrity wise... but there is flooded and non-flooded cable. The non-flooded is the type that you most likely have connecting most of your nifty accessories to your tv set. The flooded type has this sticky goop in it that protect the cable itself...
  2. badhat

    Newbies Go C-Band

    I don't think you are dead in the water with the DSR-410. I first got into FTA by accidentally bumping into the Skyvision web site. Anyhow they have this deal: DSR-410 Digital Programming ... On a side note about the DSR-410... we did away with our digital services in a small town when HITS...
  3. badhat

    What can you get with a 6 foot dish and more questions...

    I personally don't have much C band experience outside of occasionally having to swing dishes to another bird at work.... but is it really necessary to use an extra large dish to pick up C band considering that the birds output a ton more wattage than they did back in the day? I mean back in...
  4. badhat

    W5 map in on long to wait?

    Oh that's a bummer. Maybe I can get a notarized release from work (the current owner) and proof from Hits2Home that my employer owned the receivers and release ownership to meeee. Being that I am deep into open source I would feel sick to my stomach about vendor lock-in. hehe Just being...
  5. badhat

    W5 map in on long to wait?

    Quick question without being a thread buster. If I were to take a DSR-410 from our recently shutdown digital service.... customers used 75E's.... I would be able to get it authorized? I have been getting mixed signals by what I have been reading.. some say that only Skyvision boxes can be...
  6. badhat

    AMC10 Question

    Doh! I figured as much.. I looked in our headend today and checked out what was in use for it.. but lyngsat showed it fta so thought I would ask. Anyhow.. thanks a ton for this information.
  7. badhat

    AMC10 Question

    Can anyone tell me if northwest cable news is still fta? 4005V tp 15 is what lyngsat says. I don't have a c band setup but it might light my fire knowing the answer.
  8. badhat

    tuned dish today

    Haha.. I thought this was gonna turn into a 'You know you're a redneck if ...."
  9. badhat

    cable headend question

    Our hits2home package was $49.99/mo. Well I can't say was because they still have customers on it. They just aren't taking orders anymore. Our headend has been mostly digital for quite a long time. As a matter of factly we take those digital signals and send them out analog... all 56...