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  1. Phil T

    Where's Winter?

    It's here. Denver has had record snowfall this winter. We got another 7 inches last night. It was 62 here yesterday followed by 100 MPH winds and then snow
  2. Phil T

    Cant afford a real space shuttle?

    This one is cheeper:
  3. Phil T

    Did any of you guys ever move from one city to another?

    1952 - 1958 Peoria IL 1958 - 1977 Cincinnati OH (Finneytown) 1977 - 2009 Lakewood, Morrison and Littleton CO
  4. Phil T

    Grand Junction Colorado's CBS/FOX Station Burns to the Ground

    The KREX fire blog has some interesting photos, stories and videos.
  5. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    A group of us walked around downtown for several blocks this afternoon (Sunday) and could not find anything open for lunch. The town seems very nice and has a great mix of old and new buildings, but is really dead on a Sunday. Anybody been to Mayor Mikes restaurant?
  6. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    Heading out tonight in a red eye on Frontier. Leaves Denver 11:55PM. Arrives Hartford 5:35 A.M. The things I will do just to get a non-stop. !sadroll
  7. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    Thanks for the google maps suggestion. The info I have just call it the Connecticut Convention Center.
  8. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    They say they will have shuttles but I was hoping it was closer. Thanks for the info!!
  9. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    I am staying at the Crown Plaza. Is it walkable to the convention center? The Mortons sound good. Any fast food (cheep) places downtown? I will probably get tired of convention food real fast.
  10. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    I am going to go to a convention in Hartford CT August 3-9. I have never been in the area before. I will not have a car so most of my time will be spent downtown around the convention center. Any suggestions for :hungry: in the area? I have signed up of a NYC tour on August 8th. It seems that...
  11. Phil T

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    Denver area is running $2.75. Us Rocky Mountain folks are not seeing the big price drops. :(
  12. Phil T

    Judge makes another idiotic decison

    He must be from Boulder. :),1713,BDC_2422_2263002,00.html
  13. Phil T

    Comcast ups ante in HDTV

    FYI, the HD tower in Denver may be on hold again, thanks to the NIMBY folks.,1413,36~53~1649893,00.html BTW: Comcast-ATT-Jones have been unable to do anything but basic cable in my area for years. Friday, I get a card on my door saying Comcast wants...