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    Satellite Recievers worth ?

    we have a DSR4400x and DSR905 and are wondering what they are worth. the DSR4400x(Pod1)was for Familynet till the upgraded to DSR4402x(Pod2) and the DSR905 was a backup receiver for us. we need a receiver for Daystar now anyone know what there worth or have a DSR4402x for trade? thanks...
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    2 satellites locations from one 10' dish?

    we have a low power tv station at my church and we have three dishes now for 4 feeds (spirit on Amc 3 , Family net on IA13 ,and Worship & Faith on Amc1) Faith is moving to G3c next it possible to pickup 2 satellites from 1 10' dish? either Amc3/G3c or G3c/Amc1 on one dish? there is...