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    Video - SlingGuide Demo

    Cool thanks! I signed up for the beta. FYI... when you put your email in you will get this message: "We are currently conducting a limited beta program. During this beta we will add users as our capacity increases. Your email address has been added to the beta list. We will send you an email...
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    Video - SlingGuide Demo

    So, i went to Sling Media - SlingGuide and tried to join and surprise surprise... it was a broken link! Any idea when we can really add this cool feature to our dish DVR's?
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    Video - 922 Demonstration

    Is there any talk at all about having the option to have TV2 in HD in addition to TV1? I cant believe they aren't addressing this either with a second HDMI output for TV2 or some way of sending a digital signal over coax to be decoded by the HDTV's digital tuner (much like you'd watch HD...