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  1. Phil T

    Dropping DTV soon, do they want the boxes back?

    It's a crapshoot. When I cancelled all they wanted back was 2-C61K's via FedEx. I ended up recycling the HS17 and HR44 I had at Best Buy.
  2. Phil T

    AT&T exploring Deal to sell off DIRECTV.

    They might get more if they write a book called "How to destroy a great satellite TV service in less then 5 years".
  3. Phil T

    Repaired My AM21N Today

    You mean I can't just go to Lafayette or Olson Electronics for parts anymore? :)
  4. Phil T

    Repaired My AM21N Today

    We have lived in a disposable electronics world so long it is great to see when you can actually fix something! My dad used to fix TV's, CB's, radios and such in the 50's and 60's. I used to love to build Heathkits and remember going to the drug store to test tubes in the 60's. My soldering...
  5. Phil T

    This is crazy

    Only one provider with Gig, Comcast. Centurylink fiber is within a 1/4 mile but not offered at my address. Centurylink only offers DSL over 50+ year old copper. Last time I tried it I couldn't get over 40mbs down even with with pair bonding.
  6. Phil T


    Anybody know what happened to Looked like they were there yesterday but gone today?
  7. Phil T

    Today was my last day as an AT&T employee

    Good luck Bob! It seems to me that since the recession of 2008 nobody is safe. I worked over 30 years in local government, loved my jobs, got great reviews. Then all of the sudden I was 58 years old and was apparently making to much for the newer generation of bean counters taking over. I was...
  8. Phil T

    New Symbol on DIRECTV signal strength screen

    AT&T washing their hands of DirecTV.
  9. Phil T

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    I got a $1.80 refund from Comcast. Did DirecTV give out any? Funny also the AG's office says Dish has no regional sports fee. Is that true? Do they just bundle it in the package price?
  10. Phil T

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    Altitude's side of things.:crying:blah Matt Hutchings on Altitude Sports & Entertainment Television Dispute - Altitude Sports
  11. Phil T

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    Nuggets (Kroenke) made a deal to show the home opener on KTVD Channel 20 OTA. I also see Coor's and Budweiser made some sort of deal to carry games in local sports bars. Altitude TV to allow businesses to stream Avalanche, Nuggets games
  12. Phil T

    Why is my cable not working?

    About 1981, when I had Televents cable, my neighbor went to the box in his back yard, pulled it straight up and the case came off. Then he unscrewed all of the filters and put the box back in the ground. We had free everything for several months. Never did hear if he got in trouble for that.
  13. Phil T

    Why is my cable not working?

    Televents was bought by Jones Intercable, then TCI then AT&T which later turned into Comcast. I may have this out of order because I had satellite for 20 years.
  14. Phil T

    Why is my cable not working?

    That is the same one I had in 1981 with Televents cable.
  15. Phil T

    2 years and..........

    Dish was what attracted me to satellite TV 22 years ago. DirecTV (AT&T) is what drove me away and back to cable 2 years ago.
  16. Phil T

    My Directv Cancellation Story

    This is the new norm for DirecTV cancellations, new policy or not. Follow the rules, get overcharged, make hours worth of phone calls with no resolution, complain to BBB or AT&T legal, then get the call that fixes it all. Unfortunately by the time you do all this you already made a mental...
  17. Phil T

    My Directv Cancellation Story

    Also watch for billing for services after you cancel. I got a $35.00 bill for programming after my cancellation date. I spent 5 hours on the phone trying to get it resolved. Five months after I thought it was resolved AT&T turned me over to collections. It was a fine way to treat a 14 year...
  18. Phil T

    Directv Customers Decrease

    Good luck with that. It took me 9 months and certified letters to the presidents office, BBB and state attorney general to get refunds owed to me for charges they billed me after I canceled. The once great service has been ruined by AT&T.
  19. Phil T

    Ready to dump Directv

    FYI, I did CE testing of the HS17 and received mine in November 2016. I enjoyed being a tester and updated my clients to the C61K’s at my own cost. During this fall (almost a year later) DirecTV began testing the new GUI. I was not given a choice and the new GUI was pushed to me. Initially...
  20. Phil T

    Ready to dump Directv

    Really like my Tivo Bolt VOX and 2 mini’s. Canceled Directv after 14 years and one year with the HS17 and clients. Even with a 4K TV the hassles to make things work correctly wern’t worth it. 4K programming was very limited and constantly repeated. AT&T has really screwed up DirecTv and I see...