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    Sling Media Introduces Sling Receiver 300 for Television Service Providers

    On the Thread on the Dish Forum page with the 922 Spec Sheet attached, Scott had mentioned that the 922's "slinged" content is sent out on TV2. So if the 922 indeed "slings" content via the TV2 tuner... with the use of the new Sling Reciever 300, does that mean that you would be able to watch...
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    Sling Media Introduces Slingbox 700U for Television Service Providers

    If I am not mistaken, though the VIP622/722's have 2 USB ports (one of front, one on back), only one can be used at a time. Would adding the 700U deny you the opportunity to use an external Hard Drive for storage? And if not, would you be able to use a USB hub on back as opposed to having to...