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  1. silentgarth

    Snow Snow Snow!!!

    This type of snow will mess with any sat provider.
  2. silentgarth

    Praise the Lord! Another retrans agreement vanishes! (Also good news for Erie!)

    yeah!! Its about frigging time
  3. silentgarth

    WTHR (NBC) Indy HD coming soon?

    has anybody noticed how crappy Fox59's signal strength has gotten since the DTV switch? I can get the other three majors with 85-90% signal strength but fox hovers around 70-60% and drops out a lot. even the sat feed does it also.
  4. silentgarth

    Dish 722: Low volume on recorded programs

    I have sorta the same issue the op is having. But my problem is on live tv were SD channels are loud ( i have to have the volume on the TV down to the single digits) and HD channels ( were the volume is in the 50-60 range) Running an HDMI cable right to the TV. kinda annoying when switching...
  5. silentgarth

    Top Gear Season 13

    My link has the first episode up now.
  6. silentgarth

    Top Gear Season 13

    You can go to and download all the new episodes usually a few days after it air over there. Plus download all the previous seasons. Nice thing is these shows are the full show. Not like most of the shortened episodes they show here.
  7. silentgarth

    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    I have had my VIP722 since ohh September of last year. Everything has run perfect on it up until about 2 weeks ago. It will freeze up while playing back on the DVR. When you fast forward or rewind on random programs ( either OTA or SAT) it freezes. And just this morning tried to rewind live tv...
  8. silentgarth

    Dish UFH Remote Doesn't Work At All!

    Guess he's looking for somebody here to kiss it and make it all better. If it dose not work have Dad call Dish and get a new one!
  9. silentgarth

    Lost Indy HD locals over Memorial Day

    Did not lose them her in Noblesville. Don't know what to tell you.
  10. silentgarth

    No Fx HD or SPEED HD here

    I tried that twice with no luck. Just go to the DishNetwork home page and look for the LIVE chat. Click on the Tech support link. I told the person I was not getting the new channels. She asked for my account # and my box ID #. With in 5 minutes of the start of the chat I had SPEED and FX...
  11. silentgarth

    Np FX or Speed HD

    Just did the live chat with a Tech. Gave some info and now have all the channels. Took about 5-7 minutes. Not sure if I jumped the un and just should have waited but, I've gotem and cant wait for NASCAR All star and Berett-Jackson.
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    I've got all of them. I'm on the gold package. Just waiting on my last local to upload and for them to get around to Speed HD.
  13. silentgarth

    Setting DVR to record 1 channel all night?

    Try selecting the first program. Then go back into the timers and change the stop time to be 8 hours later. Then it should show the timer mark on all the shows that fall under that time frame. You may also want to try this why you are home just to make sure it dose it. And dont be surprised if...
  14. silentgarth


    But when is SPEED HD going to be up? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. silentgarth

    A Dish oversight, intended confusion or deception - you decide.

    I have the top 250 + the Gold HD package and have FNC HD. You can have mine. I am waiting for Speed HD.
  16. silentgarth

    Fox News HD Up and Running

    But I want my Speed HD NOW!!!!!!!!! :haha J/K I can wait for it. Hell I just got HD programming 5 months ago. So a few more days or months wont kill me.
  17. silentgarth

    Fox News HD Up and Running

    Now the Fox HD is up we can start the Speed HD threads When is dish going to come out with Speed HD. I want speed HD! Comcast has Speed HD. When will Charlie give us Speed HD?
  18. silentgarth

    Do flat panel prices fall after the Super Bowl?

    I just got ( back on Jan 2nd) a 47" LG LCD 1080P from HHGregg. Talked the guy down alittle. After taxes payed around $1200. This past weekend BestBuy had same TV on sale for less. Went back to the store and got $50 back for price match. So always ask what the stores Price Match police is. Most...
  19. silentgarth

    Signal Problem

    Never mind. Called Dish and looks like I have a bad tuner in the 722. My tv in the other bedroom is working just fine. Guess we pay $49.00 to have a tech come out and give us a new box.
  20. silentgarth

    Signal Problem

    Anybody else having siganl issues right now ( 8:30 PM ). Mine keeps flashing back and forth very fast. Saying its having signal loss.