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  1. silentgarth

    Colts release WR Marvin Harrison

    I think he is past his prime. Ever since his injury he has gone down hill. I don't see him last to much longer in the league.
  2. silentgarth

    What do you think of the NFL Network?

    I like it when the season is in swing. But during the off season I hardly watch it.
  3. silentgarth

    NFL Network HD Game Quality

    It looked great on my Toshiba.
  4. silentgarth

    ABC's Nascar Coverage Sucks!!!

    I used to not like NASCAR, but then I became a fan of Jimmie Johnson. I do work for Lowe's. But I would rather watch a race then watch a boring football game between two teams I care nothing about. At least with every race I can cheer on the same drivers. Now dont get me wrong I'm a huge fan...
  5. silentgarth

    Boldin out indefinately after facial surgery

    Just say the video on Youtube. I agree he should have had at least 2-3 games. I think the league needs to take a bigger stance on it than just 1 game.
  6. silentgarth

    Senility Key factor in Raiders Demise

    It kinda of reminds me of the Will Ferrel movie"Semi-pro". Lets just hope the players don't have to be the half time entertainment !!
  7. silentgarth


    One name that was not brought up is Mr. Gumble sp? that did the Thursday night games on the NFL Network. Oh My God could he be a little more dry.
  8. silentgarth

    New NFL Logo's!!

    I think your orange blob will just go s*%^t brown. Or they can put Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo on the side. LOL Or in honor of Braylan Edwards a stick of butter.
  9. silentgarth

    NFL Night Games

    I thought I had heard they cant have Saturday night games due to the college's playing on that day.
  10. silentgarth

    FREAKING Al Davis is at it AGAIN!! Kiffin reportedly to be fired tomorrow!

    I used to think Jerry Jones ( Dallas) was a nosey busy body. But what I have seen thae last few years in the Raiders is just pathetic. I think the only choice for head coach is Rob Ryan.
  11. silentgarth

    Need advice on Fantasy football lineup

    Cant decide on which QB to start. Ben Rothlisberger or Peyton Manning Ben is playing Houston in Pitt. Peyton is coming off the injury, and in his new home. What do you think?
  12. silentgarth

    5 Question Friday

    1. Who is your all-time favorite athlete? David Robinson/ Tim Duncan 2. Where is the best trip you've ever been on? Went to Tampa Bay for the 1999-2000 New Year. Did not want to spend it in the cold north. 3. Any special plans for this Sunday during the opening weekend of the NFL...
  13. silentgarth

    Which athlete has the hottest wife/girlfriend in sports?

    How's about Anna ( She is VERY single ).
  14. silentgarth

    Female Chinese gymnasts age

    If you watched the womens diving compotion the chinese divers are like 15 and they looked 10 years older than the gymnasts.
  15. silentgarth

    Which athlete has the hottest wife/girlfriend in sports?

    How about Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs: Eva Longoria