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    HDCP issue on Premium Channels

    So yesterday, to my delight, i get a call from Directv offering all the movie channels free for 3 months. I of course accepted and happily went home from work to set the DVR and browse the new on demand content at my finger tips. To my dismay, every time i tried to watch something, i would get...
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    Media share on networked drive?

    I have a genie that is connected to the internet. I have used and vuze to stream videos on the genie before, but since the computer I have those programs on is connected to my network wirelessly, the dependability of the stream is not very good (lots of freezing of the video). I had...
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    PS3 as RVU client

    As many of you may have seen, there was a quick blurb in Engadget's CES review of Directv's new products about the coming ability to use a PS3 as a RVU client with the HR34 (and coming HR44)... Is there any news about when this may be available to customers and how it will work? Thanks!
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    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    July 20th 12:01 AM
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    HMC Set-up with External HD

    Also... so say I start out using the internal one and a couple months down the road, realize that its not enough space and i'd rather add a 2 TB external... I assume there is no way to transfer my recordings to an external HD? And if not, is it fairly simple to just disconnect and reconnect the...
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    HMC Set-up with External HD

    If you go to DirecTV's website and go to "technology" and then "receivers", the 5 tuner box is still referred to as the "HMC HD DVR".
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    HMC Set-up with External HD

    I am currently a Dish customer that had my 922 crap out on me this week. The only thing keeping me from switching to DirecTV and the new HMC was the almost 2 TB worth of shows i had saved on my 922 and external HD... Since i lost half of that (and the most current recordings at that) with the...
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    Potential new customer wanting two HD DVRs

    I got a flyer that had the Free DVR and Free HD receiver (or a second DVR for $99) deal good through February 2011 so i doubt that deal will go away... I think the Free service for 5 months if you get the NFL Sunday Ticket deal ends tomorrow. I have been keeping my eyes on it as i am fed up...
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    Tivo DVR Coming Soon and other Questions

    Hey guys... Its me again.. the Dish customer that had to put a DirecTV tailgate setup on the roof to watch a game this weekend. I am still comparing numbers and trying to find a way to get to D*... like what i am hearing about referral rebates as well as rebates that involve D* paying for my...
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    Unhappy Dish Customer!

    Hey guys... thought some of you D* fans would like this and perhaps find this humorous! I was having a party to watch the Georgia vs. Colorado game this weekend. Well that game happened to be on our local FSN network that is locked out because Fox is greedy and Dish is cheap! Anyways, I...
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    Charter Sueing Directv in Ad claims

    Sharter, Comcant... they are all the same... we have both, depending on where you live here in Atlanta, and they are notoriously bad on service, programming, equipment... you name it, they suck at it! Their box's user interface looks like something right out of 1989 and their DVR's MAYBE hold 15...