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    Dishes dominate Ozarks

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    Dishes dominate Ozarks

    E* came here first with locals and I would say they have 2/3 of the market. Just a guess.
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    Dishes dominate Ozarks

    Springfield market is first in the nation where satellite has overtaken cable TV. Were #78 in the market and first for satellite at 39.6% versus 39.2% for cable.Were probably going to be dog last to get our locals in HD as we only have NBC and PBS. (...
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    FCC Proposed Rules from SHVERA

    I don't understand how are lawmakers can do this to us.If you want to buy a product or service and you can't buy it local then you should be able to purchase it somewhere else if its available.We probable won't get any FOXHD here in SW Missouri till 1/31/06 at the stroke of midnight.Maybe not...
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    Final (?) text of SHVERA

    My local CBS only does low power digital which I can't receive, and I subscribe to my locals from E*. My question is, can I buy CBSHD now since my local CBS won't provide it to me?