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  1. Phil T

    DirecTV to Xfinity X1 - Anything I should know?

    Still a lot better than DirecTV. I use this site to schedule a callback if I need to talk to them: If it is billing or to get or swap equipment I go to the local store. Also on DSL Reports there is a direct forum where they respond...
  2. Phil T

    DirecTV to Xfinity X1 - Anything I should know?

    Last week I decided to try the XG1v4 4K box. I am really enjoying it so far. I believe the picture quality is better then my Tivo Bolt and HS17/C61K boxes when I had them. I have a 65"4K Sony TV. Streaming Netflix and on demand titles works really well. No box crashes like Tivo. I also have...
  3. Phil T

    Curious question. Would having Spectrum Choice streaming count as having cable?

    I know that Apple TV, Roku and others will let you stream ABC, NBC, CBS Fox and other cable channels via their apps if you have a cable or satellite subscription. They ask you to indicate your provider and then text you a authorization code once it is verified.
  4. Phil T

    Comcast increases Broadband speeds

    My download speed went up a few weeks ago. I pay for 150/5 and now get 208/6. I wish they would rase the upload speed more.
  5. Phil T

    Thinking Of Switching From Dish To Comcast/Xfinity

    FYI, TiVo has another refurb sale going on: Tivo Bracket Buster Sale! Save Up To $350!
  6. Phil T

    Thinking Of Switching From Dish To Comcast/Xfinity

    After 20 years with Dish and DirecTV I switched to Comcast using a TiVo Bolt VOX in November 2017. I had major concerns about picture quality since I had a new 65”4K TV. Before I canceled DirecTV I ran the X1, TiVO Bolt and DirecTV HS17/C61K side by side. There was a slightly better picture with...
  7. Phil T

    New TiVo Interface sucks

    I got the Bolt VOX in November, right after hey came out. I had one reboot a couple days after I installed it. None since. I really like the Hydra interface, although I never experienced the old one. I like it much better then the new DirecTV one and the Comcast X1. The speed blows both of...
  8. Phil T

    WMBD out of peoria,illinois and WYZZ out of bloomington,illlinois will be broadcasting in hd on thur

    I remember watching WMBD-31 sign on the air for the first time on January 1, 1958. I was 6 years old and it was a big deal to get a third UHF Station in Peoria. I just remember a bunch of guys sitting around a table talking. WEEK-43 and WTVH-19 were already broadcasting. My dad ordered some kind...
  9. Phil T

    Dish to Direct TV

    You could use one of the 500's for Direct 101 if your locals are on the main satellite. I would ask them to give you a triple LNB DirecTV dish. It should be included with installation if you are a new customer. They should also take down your extra dish. I switched in November and am very...
  10. Phil T

    D* Vs E*

    Yeah, what he said. :up
  11. Phil T

    Charlie Chat tonight! Contest Info!

    Woo Hoo ! :)
  12. Phil T

    Welcome to SatelliteGuys.US!

    Good Luck Scott! Looking forward to all of the HDTV news. :)