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  1. C1787GJ

    And then there was one....

    I cancelled both my radios recently... just was not worth the extra costs...have been bombarded with emails and mailings trying to get me back!! How about you just lower the price in the first place and stop spending all that money trying to get me back.
  2. C1787GJ

    Kids Place Live is not equal to Kids Stuff

    I listened to Kids Stuff even though I dont have kids... hahaha I dont listen to Kids Place anymore though sooo I agree they should change it back. As well as a number of other stations. Just keep complaining because I read somewhere complaints were dying down.
  3. C1787GJ

    Sirius Radio Issues

    What model radio do you have? You could try a new antenna and see if that solves it, if that doesn't you could try a new vehicle dock. If that doesn't fix it chances are it is the reciever. You could call Sirius and see what they could do for you if that is the case. They just shipped me a...
  4. C1787GJ

    I Am Getting my SkyFi2 Rebate After all

    That is awesome!! $20 is a lot. If they hold it back from 1000 people.. Adds up fast. Glad you are getting it!
  5. C1787GJ

    Sportster 4 Radio

    But I also get it on my Sportster Replay ;)
  6. C1787GJ

    Sportster 4 Radio

    Hey yeah I'm getting everything I should be like Howard 100, Playboy, all the US weather and traffic, i basically get everything it looks like :)
  7. C1787GJ

    Sportster 4 Radio

    hmmmmmmm.... interesting, i wonder if maybe they turned them on for me somehow, I have 2 radios on my account and both get these channels. I'll find out today what they all are for sure there is like 6 of them i think.
  8. C1787GJ

    XM vs. Sirius Round 6 ClassiC Radio

    I think of Classic Vinyl on Sirius. I love it :)
  9. C1787GJ

    Sportster 4 Radio

    It did feel warm like all the other ones I have had but I didn't have it on long enough to tell for sure what happens for a long period of time. Rich, where did you buy it, just got back have them return it and then re-ring it so you qualify for the rebate! My biggest problem is remembering...
  10. C1787GJ

    Sportster 4 Radio

    Just got the new Sportster 4 Radio today. Very impressed. I like how thin it is, and the screen seems bigger than the Sportster Replay but I'm not sure if it is. The look of the receiver is sharp, very nicely done. Hope the come out with a boombox for it soon!! :) Any questions let me...
  11. C1787GJ

    Taking the Satellite Out of Satellite Radio

    I listen to Sirius on my Powervision phone from Sprint and the quality is excellent, just wish more channels were available, but it's only 6.95 a month and the closest thing to a live portable right now :)
  12. C1787GJ

    FM Station Finder

    What is a SIRSWB
  13. C1787GJ

    Sirius S100 LIVE Portable!!!!

    lol I work for RadioShack. I'm not Shy! :) :) :) I'm just letting "customers" know about a new product we will have ;)
  14. C1787GJ

    Sirius S100 LIVE Portable!!!!

    Where I work released an update about Sirius and that info and date was in it. They didn't say it was a set date but the expect it to be available then. :) I'm excited and it didnt mention anything about getting anything extra, but I too hate waiting :(
  15. C1787GJ

    Sirius S100 LIVE Portable!!!!

    Saw that the new S100 is coming out soon, should be available around 9/15, replacing the S50!! I'm just curious does anyone know how this will work? It is going to be able to listen to sirius live portably. I'm excited for it but just not sure if it is going to work everywhere or how it...
  16. C1787GJ

    Did Sirius add new channels?

    Hey, I recently did an ESN swap of my sirius sportster Rewind, and now i am getting channels 185- 193, as well as channel 0 which just shows the ESN of the unit. I know I didnt have these before, and I checked my brothers unit, same model and he isnt recieving them... I'm in the US and didnt...
  17. C1787GJ

    Sirius Debuts The S50 Wearable

    Even the car power adapter is nice looking, not a cheap one. Its nice black like the reciever with a sirius logo, They didnt cut corners with this reciever, very nicely done sirius. I agree the screen is AWESOME, and i kind like the lady's voice on the station when you turn it on :):music:
  18. C1787GJ

    Anyone have a Sirius "Replay" reveiver?

    Shawn that is a nice install. I have a Ford Five Hundred, how did you wire that in so nice? Any hints would be appreciated.
  19. C1787GJ

    My Sirius reception sucks

    There lifetime of the unit fee can be transfered for like 50 dollars I heard. Also they have a 2 year plan which gives you 3 months free.