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    How long with Dish?

    November 1996, when you had to buy a year of programing in advance and install your own dish. I believe it was May 1996 when dish begin.
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    Programming dispute with Schurz Communications that owns the tv stations in Springfield, Missouri.

    I don't see crawl this morning. Must have settled dispute. Hope we get CW in HD now.
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    Questions for the Dish Tech Team?

    I would like to second neutron's question. We have had our CW network in HD for well over a year now, OTA, and still no guide info. Dish has the same channel in sd with full guide data. This is channel 015-00 KCZ in the Springfield Mo. market. Same channel OTA in HD is 033-02 CW1, digital...
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    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    Springfield Mo. Market 015-00 in SD off Satellite, (CW) info ok 033-02 in HD off Antenna (CW) same channel as above KCZ, digital service info more than a year now, makes it hard to record without guide info. 005-00 in SD off Satellite (FOX KRBK) dish does have it uplinked in HD, maybe turn...
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    (RUMOR) This weeks new DISH HD Launches are...

    I would be happy to get guide info for my local CW off my antenna in Springfield Mo. Our local CW was moved to a different bandwidth so we can get it in HD, but no info in guide yet from E.
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    Shows on EHD are erased after watching! Known problem?

    I have also lost 3 movies off my EHD over the last couple of weeks after selecting done. Seems like it will kinda freeze up a few seconds, then go to the list of recorded shows. When I checked the list, the movie is gone.
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    OK who has been a E sub the longest?

    I started with a 2000 receiver in Nov. 1996 when you had to pay for a year of programming in advance plus your receiver. My parents started in August of 1996 and I done all the installs for them and myself and around 100 other people for free. Dish started in the spring of 1996.
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    Eastern Arc Dish Info & Install Guide

    Do you have to have a 44 switch, or will a DP34 switch work? I have 3 dish 500's and was thinking of doing the same thing. I would need to come up with 2 more dp duals.
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    Eastern Arc Dish Info & Install Guide

    My Son done a dish mover and they installed a 1000.2 and a wing dish for him. He still has a 322 receiver so the 1000.4 wouldn't work. Channel 10 and 27 looks real good off satellite in HD. None of the other locals is up yet. He moved east of Sam's Club in Springfield.
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    Hard Drive Bargain Watch

    I got the 1TB WD at staples for 99.99 after seeing this thread. Great price, and it seems to work great.
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    Smithsonian HD dropped and replaced with Crime & Investigation HD

    Well, I did watch a little of smithsonian, (it didn't compare to equator) , now it's going to be gone. What a bummer.
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    EA Install

    I'm going to give them a call when I can figure out when I can be at home for the install. I'm very busy now with a business my son and I bought in Springfield. Sunday would be the only day I can be home now, and maybe not even this Sunday.
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    EA Install

    I did think about pointing three dish 500's to the eastern arc and still useing my dp34 switch, just didn't know if it would work. I would have to get me a couple more dp duals.
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    EA Install

    The reason I have two dish 500's is because I own all of my dishes,lnb's and switches,and installed everything myself. I would rather install it myself, but the dp44 switch is just cost to much money. It would cost me 300.00 if done it myself, so I have just got to let them do it for free.
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    EA Install

    How good do the channels look compared to locals from an antenna? I assume you are talking about 10&27 out of Springfield. I want to up grade also, I believe I will need a 1000.4 dish and a dp44 switch since I have 4 2 tuner HD receivers.I only have 2 dish 500's up now looking at 110,119...
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    If you swing your 61.5 dish to 77w I think you will loose alot of your HD channels.
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    Dish 942 for ota only?

    My 942 is working just fine,I record everyday on it.
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    Springfield,MO. HD LiLs

    Sounds like we might be getting KY3 when they launch. We will see next Wednesday, maybe.
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    Poll, Do you have your NEW smartcards yet?

    I received 3 out of 4 cards for my 2 622's and 2 722's. My 722 I got on Sept. 27th to replace my old 942 says it didn't need one on the paper. Is this correct on the new 722's, they allready have the new security cards built in? There is no card in the slot.
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    Dish 942 for ota only?

    I have mine hooked to a dish 500 and use it everyday to record locals, you have to set timers manually because of no guide info.