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  1. seitzgc

    Post your 61.5W Signal Strengths

    Receiver type: 722K Dish: Dish 1000.4 Zip 17022 Date/Time: 5/27/09 7:00 AM (cloudy) 01: 02% (Not Locked -- Transponder) 03: 56% (Locked -- Transponder) 05: 55% (Locked -- Spotbeam) 07: 51% (Locked -- Transponder) 09: 53% (Locked -- Spotbeam) 11: 79% (Locked -- Spotbeam) 13: 73% (Locked --...
  2. seitzgc

    Comcast is coming!

    A-Men to That!!
  3. seitzgc

    Wow! What has happened to Dish?

    Just had a new 722K installed this morning and have the same -2 reading for value 7. Service tech stated that there is a high failure rate for equipment made in Mexico---China and India OK.
  4. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    My zip is 17022---Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. I did not try that because both 61.5 and 72.7 signals looked pretty good. Just 77 looked a little on the weak side
  5. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    Just an update: :)SUCCESS:) I repositioned dish between 61.5 & 72.7 (much closer to 72.7) and tuned for a 50+ lock on 61.5 and a 46+ lock on 72.7 for the twin lnb. The second dish was positioned for 77.0 and fed into the "in" port of the twin lnb. Thw signal strength for 77 locks in the...
  6. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    The 622 with a smart card is mpeg4 compatable. If I peak dish for 72.7, I receive all subscribed programming on 72.7. If I peak disk for 77, I receive all subscribed programming for 77. I just cant get check switch to lock both in at the same time. 1. I have a dish 500 pointed to 61.5. 2. This...
  7. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    I want both 72.7 and 77. My current dishes are mounted to my chimney. If I go with a 1000.4 system, I do not want to mount on the chimney because of the larger size. I was hoping to use my current dishes to get 61.5,72.7,and 77. The receiver is a VIP622 with a card. I can receive programming...
  8. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    Thanks for your help. Sounds like the best option is a 1000.4 in a new location.
  9. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    IsShould have said Dishpro system instead of 500+.
  10. seitzgc

    72.7 and 77 on a Dish 500

    I currently have a dish 500+ system using 110 and 119 with a wing dish at 61.5. My question is: Is it possible to reposition the dish 500+ to receive 72.7 & 77 and keep the 61.5 wing dish? My zip code is 17022. I have not been able to receive both at the same time. Not sure what the skew...
  11. seitzgc

    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    480Ruger Hi to everyone!:) I joined a couple months ago but have not posted. I have been with Dish Network since I retired my old C band equipment 13 years ago. (I also retired from my job this past October). I have many questions that I hope someone can help me with.