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    Install issues and advice

    The LNB was not changed, still the old LNB covered in mildew. There were support arms on the mount for the dish, that were undone when they redid my roof that year, and those weren't even secured again. At this point I have no service as the DVR just cycles from blue screen to reboot. I am...
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    Install issues and advice

    Hey guys its been a while. Back in 2011 I left D* after 15 years for AT&T Uverse. I was happy with the service, and had relatively few issues. Last week I called to do the promo merry-go-round and I was told, matter of factly, Uverse was being phased out.(true or not who knows) So they gave...
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    Back to Direc tv. Left Uverse in 5 days.

    I actually had a similar experience with AT&T. Within 5 days, I packed up their equipment and sent it back. My issues were, HD PQ was terrible compared to D*. I had two Identical Samsung HDTV's side by side and AT&T looked more like SD at the time. Also, I am a family of 4, with 5 TV's. The...
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    HR21 to HR24...Worth The Upgrade?

    I love my HR24-200's. They are leaps and bounds faster than my old HR21. As far as I know right now, the software feature set is the same on all HR2X series receivers, so the only reason to upgrade now, would be for the faster controls. The HR24's do have built in Decas, so it would eliminate...
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    Losing Faith In Direct TV - HELP ! ! !

    Last night I was at a friends house while she had D* hooked up. They installed 2 HR21-700's. They are painfully slow compared to my HR24's. I switched to RF, turned native & scrolling effects off, and still......turtle speed. I was surprised they are still installing those.
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    Canceled Directv

    WOW, someone cant take constructive criticism. Why do people get so angry when they hear/told something they don't like. Kids these days.... geeze! ( I wish to take a un-constructive post mulligan please)
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    HR20 thru HR23 Software Release v.0452/0456 12/1/10

    I just hope its not the candidate CE from the last couple weeks. Tons of issues on my HR24's.
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    dish calling former customers

    I called E* a couple months ago, when D* was having issues fixing my system. The deal E* wanted to give me did not seem like much of a deal so I politely told them no thanks! About a week ago, I started getting calls almost daily from E* wanting me to give them a shot. Must have got my number...
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    Whole Home DVR Set up

    This is how MRV was beta tested. It's my understanding that D* will allow you to do it this way, however it's unsupported. So you're on your own if you have issues.
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    trying to watch recorded show but screen is gray

    What model HR24 do you have? After going round and round with D*, they finally replace both my HR24-100's with 200's and it not only solved this issue, but my pixelation issue as well.
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    How to improve PQ on HD feed

    This is actually the exact opposite of my findings last week with Uverse. I was thinking about switching and compared the two, side by side, with two of the exact same model Samsung LCD's. Funny how things can be different on similar equipment. On the front of the receiver there is a...
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    I have also seen folks refer to Trolls as people who lurk the forums, and never/rarely post. Not sure if thats a true definition, but if it is, I guess I am a Troll of sorts. I am not funny enough to post entertaining threads, nor am I smart enough to answer more technical questions..... ;)
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    Windows Phone 7 Application

    Because D* knows that, like the rest of the phones ever made with an MS OS, it wont last long and its not worth the time to develop it.
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    trying to watch recorded show but screen is gray

    This was an issue on both my HR24's and was on going even after multiple RBR's. I have had several techs come out and try to solve it with no luck. Unfortunately, this started happening while they were trying to fix another issue......
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    trying to watch recorded show but screen is gray

    Hey I am curious, when this happens, does it show the progress bar, with the play emblem but does not scroll? This was an ongoing issue for me recently, however it was intermittent and difficult for D* to determine the cause.
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    OK, Time to rant....sorry!

    Just to confirm, the power adapter is the matchbox size adapter correct? I have a small black box with 3 green lights, which I believe is the BB Deca?
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    OK, Time to rant....sorry!

    They replaced an HR20 and HR21 with two new HR24s, the other two are HR23 and an H23. All cable is RG6, new in the last 2 years. All wall plates have been checked and a couple barrel connectors replaced. Seems we have the majority of problems on the HR24s. They replaced the HR21, to try and...
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    OK, Time to rant....sorry!

    I'll do my best to keep this short.... I was going to wait and post about this after all was fixed, but I am not sure that will happen anytime soon! This Thursday, a D* tech will come to my house for the 10th time in 30 days. It all started when I was getting a 'searching for sat signal'...
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    2 Questions

    #1 My H23 box is slow, but not as slow as the 21 series. Best to check and be sure Native and Scrolling Effects are off, you can find these in the setup menu. #2 Cant answer that, maybe they really really like you! ;-)
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    Excellent! Understand now ;)