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    Motorola DSR web interface not working ...

    It's a DSR 6000. I tried telneting into the box as well, but could not find the correct combination for the VxWorks OS login (although I have no idea if I would be able to control it from there). The very odd part is that I've tried it on two units, so I'm wondering if that feature is...
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    Motorola DSR web interface not working ...

    Hello, I purchased a Motorola DSR box a couple of weeks ago and the web control and monitoring feature acts very strange. I am able to hit one of the pages, log in and see the menu on that particular page, but as soon as I do that the web server seems to die (IE shows a web page cannot be found...
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    Fta Dvb-s2

    Is there a list somewhere? I've been wondering for some time if the ones on galaxy 13 and 14 are FTA but my dish can't track that far as of right now. Could someone be so kind to check those? Thanks, Paul
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    8psk tuner

    sorry, didnt mean to hijack your thread.
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    stationary ground mount for a 12 footer

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a stationary ground mount for a 12 feet mesh dish and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on where I could find one online. skyvision has one for about 700 usd, which is a bit pricery. Thanks, Paul
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    norsat 3220

    Thanks again for all the replies. I went ahead and purchased the 3220. Looking on ebay I came across a few c band recievers but I can't find too much info on them. Any idea if any/all of the following would be able to adjust the polarizer: - General Instruments Super 350i - Uniden President...
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    norsat 3220

    Thank you for all the replies. I plan on purchasing a c/ku/dbs feedhorn to go with the lnb and I'll also be getting a ku lnb from the same friend. The reciever is out of the question at this moment, I just can't afford it and for now I'll just have to go with a simple positioner (haven't...
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    norsat 3220

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could point me to a site that carried these lnbs. I'm putting together a c-band setup and the friend who's giving me his 12' dish suggested I should buy one of these lnbs. I found one site carrying them but since they...