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    DirecTV to add 44 HD local markets (Updated with Launch Schedule)

    Johnstown-Altoona, PA local HD's went live this morning. 3-PBS-SD 6-NBC-HD 1080i 8-FOX-SD 10-CBS-HD-1080i 23-ABC-SD 47-WKBS-SD
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    2 TVs one HD, one SD

    All programming would be seen as 4x3 480i.
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    2 TVs one HD, one SD

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking , but the H20 has all outputs active simultaneously so that you can run a second SD TV via composite cable while watching HD via HDMI or Component.
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    One cable or two running from the dish?

    Just want to add that for sure SWM works with all H20/1's and HR20/1's.
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    Locals Question

    The RF external/internal antenna is for an RF remote such as the RC-64. There is a separate OTA antenna coax input for local reception of SD/HD channels.
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    No sat signal - 5LBN switch prob?

    You don't have to break in to any plastic box. The multiswitch has 6 coax connectors on the dish side and 8 on the receiver(s) side. At the WB68 multiswitch take off(unscrew) one cable on each side of the multiswitch and connect the two now-loose cables with a barrel.
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    Problem with Ethernet ports

    If it's the same Buffalo ethernet bridge I got, it also has 3 extra Ethernet ports (4 total). Great device and cheap, although it may be hard to find due to a patent controversy that I think pretty much covers all brands. Model # is WLI-TX4-G54HP.
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    Problem with Ethernet ports

    I didn't think mine was going to fit, either, but persistence paid off. The hole in the HR20's seems to be a little off-center. I wiggled and pushed until it finally snapped in and it's been fine ever since, but to be honest I didn't think I was going to be able to make it work.
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    Networking HR20 w/ Wireless Ethernet Adapter?

    Add me to the Buffalo Ethernet Converter User's Club, too. Highly satisfied! Got mine at Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more for $58.13 including free shipping.
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    What we are hearing...

    See CH 77 - there are 4 screens showing all the HD's including RSN's.
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    What we are hearing...

    Yes, thanks for catching it and I will edit.:o
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    What we are hearing...

    Just a note about the 498,73,73,498 sequence for checking both tuners on HR20. The channels you change to are irrelevant other than 498. Each time you change channels , you change tuners: for Example 498 -Tuner 1 CH x -Tuner 2 CH y -Tuner 1 498 -Tuner 2 So you've tested...
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    Name that Beer in honor of D10 and Directv's new HD channels!

    I like B-Band Brown! Technically, since it's a Brown Ale it should have Brown in it's name.
  14. FHSPSU67 is down!!

    Yep, tons of traffic! I left at 3:40 PM EDT to cut my grass. Came back now to log in and found it down. HD threads and Chat Room were going nuts with anticipation. At least it's because of good news:)
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    Name that Beer in honor of D10 and Directv's new HD channels!

    OK, how about: SatGuy Brown Ale or VOD Guy Brown Ale.
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    Name that Beer in honor of D10 and Directv's new HD channels!

    Mine, too. I actually got to meet him at a tasting seminar at the State College Brew Expo. Got him to sign my "The Beer Hunter" CD and he seemed impressed that I had the original version. BTW I read his last article on beer writer Lew Bryson's site. He revealed that he had had a slight heart...
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    Name that Beer in honor of D10 and Directv's new HD channels!

    Be sure to toast Michael Jackson's life. He died this past Thursday and I just found out about it. Wonderful writer who wrote as much about life as he did about spirits. RIP, Michael
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    Just switched to DirecTV HD... WOW!

    I believe that you are correct, but Best Buy probably tried to convince him (and succeeded) how much better the Monster hdmi cable was.
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    You know you are waiting for the satellite to become operational when.....

    When you go out for a few beers and come back to hit the computer after only two.