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  1. tvrobert

    Windows Media Center and Voom Local Listings?

    I was frustrated with this one, too. I think until M-Soft adds the local areas into the guide on their end, (like with D* and cable) you're out of luck. It is possible to add channels and set recurring record times... which is what I had to do to get locals to record.
  2. tvrobert

    Getting OTA if/when Voom goes dark.

    An outfit called Custom Entertainment picked up the STB today. Voom still cares about its equipment. :D I'm just glad they snagged it after the superbowl. :D :D
  3. tvrobert

    Getting OTA if/when Voom goes dark.

    Voom Death Clock I just called to cancel my Voom sub and the CSR said they’ll be by to pick up my STB Feb 7. I said fine, I’ll leave it in the garage. The CSR said “no, I think you have to sign for it.” I’ll have to work something out with the de-install folks. I’d rather not take time off...
  4. tvrobert

    Getting OTA if/when Voom goes dark.

    Sure, and with the rapid depreciation inherent in most electronics, it has got to cost them more to retrieve the thing than cut the loss and move on. Will do.
  5. tvrobert

    Getting OTA if/when Voom goes dark.

    Thanks for your reply as well. I intend to do the ethical thing... Beat the STB beyond recognition with a baseball bat and send it to Voom postage due. Just kidding, I have nothing against them. I'll cancel and they can have the STB back if they prefer. I did enjoy the service, but more HD...
  6. tvrobert

    Getting OTA if/when Voom goes dark.

    Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.
  7. tvrobert

    Getting OTA if/when Voom goes dark.

    I have a question that’s sorta related to this thread. For convergent reasons I am dropping Voom for cable. I had the cable folks coming before the news of Voom’s potential demise surfaced. At any rate, I’m currently watching the Pats/Steelers game via the Voom STB OTA. I lease my box. Will I...
  8. tvrobert

    Jumping Ship

    I'm not sure this is the right place to put this post, and I would not even ask the question, but I can't find the answer on this site or Voom's. For a myriad of reasons, I'm dumping Voom for Mediacom. More services, one bill, lower cost, (less HD content, but I rarely watch the exculsives...
  9. tvrobert


    Comedy Central I've noticed (at least here in MinneSnowta) that comedy central is much quieter than other SD channels. On a local level, our FOX and CBS affiliates have had a lot of difficulty with volume levels during NFL HD broadcasts.
  10. tvrobert

    STB freezes since last software download

    I haven't had any freezes, but I've had almost daily problems with switching channels and/or the program planner. 75% of the time when the channel switches (either by me or the planner), the stb fails to push both audio and video (ya know, TV) to all the outputs. Hence, I've come home to find...