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  1. tvrobert

    For what it's worth...

    I had Voom for 6 months and dropped it for economic/convergence reasons; the local cable company offered internet, hd-dvr, starz (w/HD)/starz vod, and 10 HD channels for A LOT less than I was paying previously. Also, I was able to cut-and-splice my way into 5 tuners, 4 tv's for no extra charge...
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    May 1st where will you be? Dish, Cable or DirecTV?

    See if it's better now. It had worked and the source folks modified it.
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    May 1st where will you be? Dish, Cable or DirecTV?

    Hey, if you guys haven't seen this yet (and I apologize if you have) check out If one were to draw an inference or three, bandwidth limitations would cease to be an issue if HD programming was available on-demand. You'd only be...
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    Vava Vroom

    Remeber Neo, there is no such thing as tangible PQ but that which is seen by the mind's eye. In other words, one's crappy picture is another's religious experience.
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    Wow, I wish we were that efficient! :haha :haha :haha
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    If you knew what I get paid, you'd be slacking too. :D Just so you know, I'm not lazy, I just don't care. :)
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    Nah, the only people I torture are livestock farmers with environmental "issues." :)
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    Me too. And it's taxpayer money.
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    Vooming Through the Motions

    This is a prime example that Voom and Installs Inc. are either going through the motions, or were just screwed up to start with. Keep in mind that this is for a DE-INSTALL (that is noted on the form, but the rest looks like cheery "welcome to Voom" pr stuff). Wow From : INSTALLS inc...
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    Just having trouble understanding why the last 3 months of hype were not lies!

    How many of you owned a betamax vcr? Are you still using it? The quality was much better than VHS, yet the Beta format died before it took off. I think we'll see a good, if not better version of voom before too long. We'll just have to settle until then.
  11. tvrobert

    Voom - Staying or Leaving

    Leaving Got a cable guy coming this afternoon. Ironically, I decided to switch last week. The reasons are mostly convergence and financial (can bundle a new, faster, cheaper ISP in with the deal). I can't say I've been enamored with the HD content... Most of it looks great but that can only...
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    Yes I did, but after reading a lot of the stuff here, I decided to do it myself... I've been tottering between dropping the service and just sticking with locals... I don't want to spend ALL of my free time watching TV.
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    No Problems Either I live in south central MN and had voom installed by an oufit out of Albert Lea, MN. I called to order the service on a Saturday and the Voom rep set an install date for the following Saturday. On Monday, these guys (I forget their namen offhand) called and said "that's not...
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    Goodbye VOOM

    Can you even count "inside voom" as an HD channel? Does anybody really curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn to watch a steady, recurring stream of promos???
  15. tvrobert

    #@%&*(!@ Program Planner

    Yea, I've noticed that if you select "auto-on," and DON'T turn the stb off, the thing will be less likely to switch. Voom could learn a few things about program planning if they took home a simple hughes D* STB.
  16. tvrobert

    Did Voom damage or help the HD future?

    I wonder about the value stations have placed on that (getting the digital spectrum gratis) when you hear them complain about the cost of the switch. One local engineer was bitching that it will cost them 35,000 just to get a PSIP stream in their digital feed, and they don't plan to do HD until...
  17. tvrobert

    Did Voom damage or help the HD future?

    Did Voom Hurt HD's Future? What is and will hurt the future of HD more than anything is the FCC mandating all stations big and small to upgrade to HD without offering any financial compensation. That said, HD, like all advances in technology will eventually be so common as to be passe. Or, it...
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    Program Planner Updates?

    Does it use any less juice when it's shut off? Sometimes the damn thing won't change channels when it's programmed to do so regardless of STB status. What's up with that?
  19. tvrobert

    Program Planner Updates?

    While we pine for a DVR, here's something to comment on. Is there any possibility that Voom would update their program planner to allow programming by time and day(s) with the ability to have recurring programming ala D*? I record several different programs daily and it's a pain to have to...
  20. tvrobert

    Why Voom is Doomed - one customers saga

    Same here. The Voom rep set up the install for a Saturday (this on the prior Sat). On Tuesday, the installer called and said Sat was a wash... how about Friday? I got off work for the morning and only had to wait an hour past the time the guy said he'd be there. The install went quick and...