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  1. Pete In Plano

    [VOOM] To Wilt: a feature request for the Voom (motorola) receiver

    I would love to see caller ID and also be able to program blocks on the planner, like every Friday, or M-F, etc. That gets my vote!! Thanks!!
  2. Pete In Plano

    It's August 6th, when are we getting the BIG dish upgrade?

    So that would have to mean that they would do the subs in snow areas first, before the winter. Then all of us in warmer climates they could do in the winter. Boooooooo.
  3. Pete In Plano

    [VOOM] Fox & Friends promotes VOOM & the Beatles special

    I saw it, too. Great promo!!! They are on the road with that bus and it has VOOM logos all over it.
  4. Pete In Plano

    [VOOM] Customer Service Says Landline Required for Next Upgrade

    I LOVE Voom. They are state of the art and are going thru growing pains. The future of the technology is endless. I am hanging on for the long ride ahead. WM9, MPEG4, Oval dual LNB dish picking up 2 Sattelites!!!!!!!! 96 HD channels!!!! And I can RENT the boxes and not plunk down $499 each...
  5. Pete In Plano

    Robert Heitner, I have a Q about your vonage setup

    If you feel comfortable pulling the connection in the Demarc outside, it should be no problem connecting it yourself. The Demarc box has a screw that opens the customer access. Inside you will find a jumper that has a RJ11 (standard phone connection) plug. That wire is the phone line coming to...
  6. Pete In Plano

    Robert Heitner, I have a Q about your vonage setup

    You can connect to 1 jack and thus send the Vonage to all the phones in the house just fine but FIRST you must go to the Demarc (box outside where the telco lines come into your house) and disconnect the telco lines from your house. This will stop the voltage from the telco lines from hurting...
  7. Pete In Plano


    Thanks, I'll give it a try!!
  8. Pete In Plano


    Robert, I have Vonage so I should plug the Voom box into a DSL filter?? Why do that??
  9. Pete In Plano

    Discrete power codes with new stb softare?

    Would love discrete codes for ON and OFF for my control system. Tried a video sensor on the composite out but it is always sending out voltage even if the box is in standby (it never is really off). The voltage swing from Standby to On is not large enough to use a current sensor. Looked for...