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  1. Tobar

    Sound on FOX

    It's back....whew Thought we were going to have a mutiny here at the house. It's back good as ever. Ya never know.
  2. Tobar

    Sound on FOX

    What happened to the sound on FOX? ut oh !!!!! :shocked
  3. Tobar

    What is GRDVOOM?

    My account status says: NEVR/CNCL INSTL What does this mean? I'm up and running just fine.
  4. Tobar

    Red dish icon

    Ditto....does the same thing.
  5. Tobar

    How to prepare for a VOOM install FAQ?

    How do I find what should be the angle from my house the dish should be? Is there a web page I can use to figure that out? Thanks