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    $100 charge for second dish and locals

    How do you find out if your locals come from the 61.5 location? I am in Miami, FL?
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    current dishnetwork and directv offers

    D* E* Pq? Having been spoiled by the great PQ from VOOM and having to face the decision of D* or E* does anyone have any comments on which has the best overall PQ?
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    Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

    Thanks For Voom Dear Mr. Dolan, Thanks for Voom! I had been a Directv sub since they first started. I lived with a 65" Mits for a while with no HD programming until Directv added a few paltry HD channels. When Voom came along I immediately cancelled Directv and got Voom and have been...
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    OTA signal strength?

    Signal Strength All of my ota signals register between 55 and 65 except one which is around 20 which makes it unwatchable. Try moving your antenna up, down, to the left, and right of its current position to see if the signal strength improves. Sometimes moving an antenna as little as a foot...
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    Voom, Direct*, Dis* Comparison

    Had D* Now I Love Voom I had D* for years, waited and waited for HD content, finally they came up with a few HD channels which I loved watching. Then along came Voom with many more channels. I dropped D* like a hot potatoe without thinking twice. I pretty much only watch HD content or DVDs...
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    Audio Problems

    Sound Problems I had the same funny sound coming from Rush over the weekend, a segment would end with crummy sound, go to the infomercials about Rush where the sound would be ok then when the program came back on the sound would be ok, then the sound would go out again, like listening through...
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    After Calibration Tune Up I'm Voomin Now!

    Chuck Williams from WashDC is on his I95 tour this week. He spent a couple of hours at my house yesterday doing a calibration tune up on my MITS WS65905 and boy what a difference on the HD side. When I had the set calibrated the first time I had someone else who did not have the equipment to...
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    $500 for Professional Calibration???

    Calibration Yes! I had my Mits WS65905 calibrated about 2 years ago and it made a noticable difference. Enough that I am going to have a calibration tune up tomorrow. After spending several thousand on the set I would rather spend the extra and know I have the best I can get. It is...
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    Hello Voom, Bye D*

    Dear Mr. McKee, I had Voom installed Friday and had my Directv disconnected today after watching Voom for only several hours. The HD content on Directv is pitiful by comparison. I had been a customer of theirs since the beginning and anxiously awaited HD content and improved PQ. We got...