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    Now it is time to write DISH Again.

    Email To Charlie Dear Charlie, I really like the upgrade path plan you talked about last night, I will be upgrading my 942 and 2 811s as soon as the rebate becomes effective. I must say however that the PQ of your HD Charlie Chat was lousy! I did not spend 5K on a HDTV and over 100.00 a...
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    should i get HOME PROTECTION PLAN??

    Get the plan, I have had two 99.00 service calls in the last year due to hurricane damage, which with the plan only cost me 29.00 each for total savings of 140.00. So far, even at 5.99 a month, I am ahead of the game.
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    voom channels, are they worth the cost.

    They were to me, less than 24 hours and I am already into withdrawals, can hardly wait till I get Dish in 2 weeks with the 10 Voom channels!