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  1. Pete In Plano

    Up and running in Dallas

    My antenna looks fine. Give me TNT-HD (and MORE) and I will get the MPEG 4 upgrade!!!!
  2. Pete In Plano

    Spaceway 2 Launch thread - It's up!

    Neither does Arrianespace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SeaLaunch is an awesome enterprise and they are based in Long Beach,CA!! Sea Launch is a limited liability corporation with Headquarters and Home Port facilities in Long Beach, Calif. The company is owned by Boeing of Seattle, Wash. (40%); RSC-Energia of...
  3. Pete In Plano

    Spaceway F2 Delayed Again!

    Yeow!! And when I write buggy code, someone's TV doesn't turn on, phew!!!!
  4. Pete In Plano

    Additional MPEG4 / Detroit Info

    Always right on top of it, Scott!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why I start my day catching up on Satellite Guys every morning. And pop in throughout the day as I get time. Thanks always for such a great site!!
  5. Pete In Plano

    Detroit MPEG4 HD Now Online!

    Thanks, Neutron!! Now people CAN call Directv but say they saw it in the paper!!!!! And GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Pete In Plano

    Detroit MPEG4 HD Now Online!

    I see that the ad in the paper is for new resi subscribers only if you read the fine print. It is also from a dealer, not from Directv itself, and says to go to the store for details. Also said eligibility determined by address. BUT--it does show some progress in getting the systems setup.
  7. Pete In Plano

    Rumor: Launch Dates for Directv Locals HD

    I just comitted to an extra year with the Mover's Connection install, using my existing equipment. Will they upgrade me to the new equipment and just extend an extra 2 years? Thanks!!
  8. Pete In Plano

    5 LNB dish -- rumor or fact?

    On my knees begging!! Want to be the first in my city (Dallas area). Just used Mover's Connection and the installer said they would be installing new systems in November and December. They should know!!!
  9. Pete In Plano

    Waiver Tricks Dallas ABC

    Most new digital stations were all shifted to the UHF band, with pretty high power. WFAA was one of the first stations to go digital, and they were a test of low power VHF. Their analog channel is 8 and digital channel is 9. I pick them up in Plano but have a few dropouts occasionally, even with...
  10. Pete In Plano

    HD Trucks (equipment)?

    the usual lead time to set up at a venue is 2 days. they have moved in overnight before, but they do not like doing it.
  11. Pete In Plano

    Rumor: Launch Dates for Directv Locals HD

    Dallas' date makes sense to me. I just moved and had my dish and antenna mounted by the Mover's Connection. The installer said they were told to be ready to swap out dishes and receivers in Nov and Dec. So if Spaceway 2 goes up in late October and they get it online with no problems, all this...
  12. Pete In Plano

    HD NET-NHL Coverage

    Actually, I was kinda hoping he would show the Stars in HD as well!!
  13. Pete In Plano


    That may be a lot easier than adding a wire later!!
  14. Pete In Plano

    D* Satellite Launch Info

    Just moved and used the "Movers Connection" to setup my system. (Yes, I signed for another year commitment but I will be keeping it well past that anyway). Very timely and competent installer. Did great job tacking cables, ran all thru a 4 banger ground block, grounded to water pipe. I asked him...
  15. Pete In Plano

    HD NET-NHL Coverage

    Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, Tom Hicks owns the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers baseball team (probably wishes he didn't with the way the Rangers are playing now)!!!!
  16. Pete In Plano


    I just used the "Movers Connection" service and they were great!! I told the CSR that I had an antenna and to make sure she added the install to the order. They used a sattelite mount and stuck it up and wired it. They also used a 4 position ground block and tied it all the a water pipe. Very...
  17. Pete In Plano

    D* Satellite Launch Info

    I can't believe that D* didn't have a deal that would force them to launch with just their payload after a month or two of the other payload being unavailable. Ariane really SUCKS!!!!!!
  18. Pete In Plano

    Tnt Hd

    Supposed to be BIG announcement in August. I am waiting patiently. Had Comcast and the PQ on SD was so bad I could not watch it. They admitted that the Moto box could not convert the SD to output it on DVI. They suggested tuning the SD directly with TV tuner (what-- I thought it was Digital...
  19. Pete In Plano

    DirectTV OTA Frustrations

    I have a Channel master 72" that i got at Fry's for $30. I am in east Plano. I get all the locals except 27.1, and they are not at full power yet. I am in an apartment that will not allow attachment so I put it in a 5 gallon Homer bucket from Home Depot, filled half with sand and the other half...
  20. Pete In Plano

    Big promotion starting Aug 1?

    The Zenith SAT-520 is Great!!! And RS 232 control is very handy if you have a control system. All discrete commands.