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  1. Kandiru

    How many of U have an DD 5.1 Audio System ? Please Vote Now

    Anthem D1 processor Sherbourn amplifier 5 monoblock channel biwired fronts Adcom amplifier 5 channel feeding the surround stage (7.2) Hsu Research VTF3 subs x2 Paradigm Reference Studio 100v2 and Studio CC, Athena dipole surrounds, Athena bookshelves for rears. Velodyne SMS-1 subwoofer...
  2. Kandiru

    Is Bose a ripoff?

    For those of us who are audiophiles, things like Frequency Range and Sensitivity (dB/watt/meter) are paramount when evaluating a speaker product. Now you tell what kind of self-respecting speaker manufacturer apart from Bose goes on to sell speakers WITHOUT PUBLISHING SPECIFICATIONS. Would you...