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  1. Tobar


    Yes, I agree a professional uninstall would be appropriate. Since they forbid self-installs, I wouldn't want to tread on their toes and do a self-uninstall. Plus the appointment time would be subject to whether we desired to be a home or not. Of course within a 6 hour window. (Just venting...
  2. Tobar

    New Voom commercial.. seems like a good sign.

    Infocomercial Sacramento CBS has the 30 minute infocomercial on at this time. They are pushing hard. It started playing right after the NCAA basketball game. Keep it up and keep pushing. :)
  3. Tobar

    Don't Give Up! Stay with VOOM!

    Stay with VOOM!! :)
  4. Tobar

    So what the hell is going on???? re olympic feed

    I'm seeing the opening ceremonies all over again on 3.1 yet on cable NBC, they are playing the events as scheduled. gee-sh This setup by NBC is very hard to figure out. At least this is running for two weeks. By then I should have it figured out.
  5. Tobar

    NBC Annoucement (VOOM new news on CH 593 or 594)

    NBC 3-1 just did a sound check for anyone that has a 5.1 sound system. They checked each speaker before broadcasting their normal programs for the area. Anyone ever had them do this before. It was a network sound check.
  6. Tobar

    NBC Annoucement (VOOM new news on CH 593 or 594)

    NBC Annoucement What does this mean? NBC has announced that, for the period of the Summer Olympics (August 13 - 30, 2004), the digital version of their broadcast will be replaced entirely with one-day delayed highlights of Olympic competition in high definition (HD). Consumers who have...
  7. Tobar

    OTA Issues and New Software 6.20 Download Tonight!

    It took 20 minutes to download. 9 minutes to start back up. What exactly does this update fix?
  8. Tobar

    OTA Issues and New Software 6.20 Download Tonight!

    Neat find bnl107...I'm downloading right now...very slow, but it's working
  9. Tobar

    Is the $60 towards a New antenna still good?

    OOPS :eek: My installer didn't leave the antenna or the DVI line or didn't do any wiring (since I had already wired two RG6 lines prior to installation), but since my PQ and system is excellent I don't plan on terminating VOOM any time soon. I'll call VOOM and see what happens.
  10. Tobar

    Is the $60 towards a New antenna still good?

    Along the same lines....if you use your own OTA antenna does VOOM owe and/or credit your account $60.00?
  11. Tobar

    OMG Tyson wins.. uhm wait

    Thank you VOOM!!! The PQ was excellent and the fights too. What a treat.
  12. Tobar

    Did anyone have problems with 6.10 download?

    Read the forum and crossed fingers for upgrade. Turned STB off and went to bed. Woke up and the unit was on (Green Satellite and a : in the time display area). Turned TV on and no picture. STB was locked. Rebooted the STB and everything is working fine. Even picked up a new OTA channels...
  13. Tobar

    OK, boys and girls, here (isn't) the software news we have all been waiting for

    Your right. Who knows what their criteria is for distributing the software. But I still have 5.68 and at least it runs fine. :)
  14. Tobar

    OTA INSTALLATION POLL: How many attempts did it take your installer(s)?

    ONCE, My installer aimed the dish and connected the cables and "Success". I already had the OTA antenna and cables installed by myself. I'm in the 90's for power and quality. :)
  15. Tobar

    Will the installer.........

    Thanks for the quick reply, Sat4me and jellison1. I am almost tempted to remove my stuff and then lead the installer around on what to do, so if anything goes wrong it's their equipment that's at fault. I would rather the installer concentrate on tuning the STB and TV. We'll see what happens...
  16. Tobar

    Will the installer.........

    What happens if you already have the cable installed through the house (new rg6 as required) I did it after reading what was required on this forum and then waiting for the installation date. Basically all he has to do is hook up the STB (all cables are there), mount the dish (cables are...
  17. Tobar

    Let me tell you about my install!

    Your mistake was leaving him alone.......hehehe
  18. Tobar

    Attention: (Unofficial) There might not be enough equipment for installation?

    My installer just contacted me by phone at 6:45pm the day before the scheduled installation (May 25) stating that due to the overwhelming response for equipment that they would have to delay me by a couple of days. So I'm rescheduled for Thursday the 27th. We shall see what happens then. I...